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Nothing Lasts Forever

January 16, 2019

“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”       – John Adams

This morning, I was talking to a Trump supporting relation of  mine about Paul Manafort, and this relation said: “All the evidence they have is made up.” I stopped for a moment and inquired how they could possibly think that. The response was this: “Trump is the most honest president we’ve ever had and they are creating this evidence to make him look like a liar.” At that very distinct moment, I  made a decision.

Back in 2013, I started The Bastards with a few friends of mine as a way to vent our political frustrations. Our pieces did alright, one of them was even picked up by Yahoo and went viral in Detroit. Along the way we gained a pretty faithful following and I will be forever thankful to those of you who supported us. Whether it was by sharing a piece, buying a t-shirt, or just yelling out “fuck you!” Whenever you saw me in public. We had a podcast which seemed to do alright numbers wise, at least, on replays, and we were able to interview some incredibly intelligent people so that we could spread knowledge as well as rants. Unfortunately, we now live in a country in which facts don’t matter. The dimwit currently residing in the White House lies on a daily basis. His supporters either don’t care or they say the media made it up even though there’s video/tweet evidence. The Bastards excelled when people were sick of the bullshit. Back when we knew who our enemies were. Now it doesn’t matter, alternative facts have replaced the truth and love of an authoritarian has replaced patriotism. Everything that Chandler and I wrote about (in regards to the politics future) back in 2013 has come to fruition and it fucking sucks.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to shut the entire Bastards idea down until further notice. I’m still going to write, but it won’t be political. Mainly stories, pieces on different things, and the occasional interview. I am proud of what we did here, and I am thankful to Chandler, Diana, Chris, Jerry, Captain Obvious, Jon, and especially Jude (I love and miss you so much), and those of you who stood by us. One day, soon, The Bastards will be back with a vengeance, when the war against stupidity and shithead politicians reaches a boiling point. Until then, thank you and good night (always wanted to say that)

– CJ

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