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Why the Blue Wave is a Myth

October 8, 2018

Is the Democratic Party Brittney Spears, because Oops, They Did It Again. You would have thought after trotting out the second shittiest candidate in modern history, that they would have learned. But alas, apparently they are addicted to shooting themselves in the feet constantly. I realize a lot of you are going to be very angry with me for this, so I’m going to break it down in a simple manner so that anyone with a shred of critical thinking skills can get behind it.

1. Brett Kavanaugh: Brett Kavanaugh is a piece of shit for a myriad of reasons. Namely, it’s because he’s anti Fourth Amendment, he only partially believes in the Second Amendment, He was the legal mind behind the Patriot Act, and he’s a supporter of torture. If you want to go one step further, he’s also a partisan hack. That right there would have been enough to sink his shitty little battleship right then and there. But no, the Democrats decided to take a different approach. They went for the Sexual Assault approach which has worked so fucking well for the last two years. Now, before you start stoning me, I believe Dr. Ford. But it was also 36 years ago and this administration has basically rolled over and mocked every sexual assault accusation thrown at it. Now, Dr. Ford is getting mocked relentlessly, her life is pretty much ruined, and Kavanaugh was nominated anyway. Good fucking job there Dems. You had an easy way in with the anti second and fourth amendment insanity, as well as the writing of the Patriot Act, and you never once brought them up. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you let Michael Avenatti get involved which not only muddled everything, but gave the Repukelicans enough ammo to convince the country that this was indeed a witch hunt, and a mockery.

2. Faux Outrage/Hypocrisy: Democrats have been calling for Homeland Security honk Kirstjen Nielsen to resign because she lied about the Administrations Immigration policy. Pretty big, right? Let’s rewind a bit to the days of the Obama administration. I don’t give a shit about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, what I care about in regards to Benghazi, was that Susan Rice was the one that lied about it. She was the one that came up with that doofy ass Youtube Video bullshit that was later trumpeted by Clinton herself. How do we know this? Because there are emails between Rice and Ben Rhodes talking about the lies they were going to use to protect President Obama. Not a fucking word out of Democrats there at all. In 2013 the IRS inappropriately targeted Tea Party/Patriot groups. Once again, not a fucking word. In 2012 David Patreus banged his biographer and divulged classified information. Dems defended him until the day he resigned. Next we have the biggest scandal of the Obama admin, and that was Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious crap. If you remember, Fast and Furious was an ATF program that purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them. Not only were none of the cartel members arrested, close to 1/3 of the guns were used in gang related killings. He was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to release data related to F&F. He did not resign nor was he held responsible by the Obama administration.

3. You got Cornered: The entire Democratic strategy in 2016 was Trump is a Sexual Predator that makes him unfit for office. Now, do I believe Trump is a sexual predator? I’d bet my house on it. Unfortunately, all he had to do was deny, deny,deny. After awhile people got sick of hearing it. Then, at the 2nd debate, he trotted out all of Bill Clinton’s rape accusers. Suddenly you found yourself backed into a corner and on the defensive. MEANWHILE, what you SHOULD have been going after, is Trump’s authoritarian streak. I mean, sure, you finally got there towards the end, but by then it didn’t matter. Hillary, in what can only be described as one of the most brilliant political moves of all time, decided to skip Michigan, Ohio, AND Wisconsin. By the time you moved the chains from sexual assault to the real fascist threat of Donald Trump, you had completely shunned three battleground states. Smooth move there. If I was running for President I wouldn’t visit any of them, I’d just stay home and run commercials. Seems like a winning strategy. Oh, I almost forgot, during Trump’s first year, Democrat Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct (with photographic evidence). Suddenly, you only had one course of action. After two years of hammering Trump for sexual misconduct, the only acceptable solution was to convince Stuart Smalley to resign. But therein lies the rub. Trump on a daily basis defended himself (regardless of whether it was right) against these accusations. The moment an accusation came up against one of your own, you had no choice but to look and act guilty.

4. It’s Not About the Base: Up until the recent shenanigans and “I Am Spartacus” moments, Independent voters were largely willing to ride the Blue Wave in November. In fact, a month ago (if we’re to believe the polls) Independent voters were +14 for the Democrats. That is a ridiculous number. Although the polls taken earlier this week have that number dropping down to +10 which is still ridiculous. Unfortunately, that was for the house itself. The Senate numbers have spun way out of the Democrats favor. Two months ago, the Dems had a 41.7% chance of taking the Senate, which wasn’t out of the question. However, since then, that number has dropped to 21.4% which means that you’ve managed to fuck things up EVEN in the face of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham’s insane bullshit. So, well done on that front.

5. Switch the Names: I could literally switch out Democratic Party for Republican party and this piece would still, with a few tweeks, remain pretty much the same. You see, the problem isn’t Independent voters, or voters who went for Jill Stein as a protest, the problem is that both parties suck. The Republicans are honest about their douchebaggery. You, on the other hand, hide it behind false platitudes and fake smiles. Every democrat I know, lost their shit when Cory Booker had his moment in the spotlight during the Kavanaugh hearings. So much so, that I even heard a lot of them say he should run for President. in 2017 there was a proposal up to lower prescription drug costs. 13 Republican Senators got behind it which gave it a good shot at passing. Well, until Cory Booker and a bunch of other Dems shot it down. Suddenly he comes out in 2018 and says that this election will determine the fate of our country. Are you kidding me? The next “idol” on the Dem list is Kamala Harris. She came out and whipped Brett Kavanaugh like a red headed step child. Impressive, right? But did you know that while AG of California, Harris argued against early prisoner release for prisoners who deserved it because she wanted prisoners to fight the California Wild Fires? Or how about when Steve Mnuchin’s (current Treasury Secretary) bank was found to have insane amount of violations against homeowners including manipulating bids at property auctions to cut off owner’s rights. Harris’ own attorneys suggested she sue Mnuchin and his bank on behalf of the homeowners. She declined to take any action at all. Sounds a lot like something a Republican would do, doesn’t it?

The whole point of this, I guess, is that if you’re dreaming of this Blue Tsunami that is going to wipe out the House and the Senate so that the Dems control both houses, you’re crazy. It won’t happen. Just like it didn’t happen in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Sure, it’s almost a given they’ll retake the House, but that’s about it. And unless the DNC comes up with one hell of a Candidate in 2020, you’re not winning that House either.


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