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The Reflecting God

October 15, 2017

If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. – 1 John 4:20

My dear Evangelical friends: I hope the following words reach your eyes, and I hope they offend you to no end. I hope that by the last sentence, you are foaming at the mouth and flexing your arthritis ridden knuckles in preparation for the Hallelujah beat down you are going to type in response. Why, you may ask? Because you deserve to be offended. You deserve to be offended, insulted, put out, put upon, and verbally smacked like a mouthy child. You followers of modern prophets like Mike “250k Grandstand” Pence, Steve “I speak words” Bannon, and Ted “Dildos offend me” Cruz, deserve to be ridiculed in public wherever you go. Your fake Christianity fools only those too dumb to know any better (roughly 35% of the country give or take a few). Thankfully for you, I thrive on offending assholes. And you, are the biggest browneyes of the bunch. Now, I hear you asking what you possibly could have done to make a Heathen such as I, take aim at you. Honestly, at this point all you have to do is breathe and that’s reason enough for me. That being said, for the sake of length and discussion, let’s say that the reason is that you have perverted an entire faith in the span of about 18 months. You talk about love and tolerance and yet your actions speak of hate and seclusion. You talk about America needing to find it’s moral center and returning to respecting one another and finding joys in the diversity of America. Then you back a man who is none of those. Donald Trump is your reflecting God. He is the face of your fake bullshit religion and from this day forth you will be forever known as the frauds and charlatans you are. Your speeches about god and love will be laughed at and ignored. Your attempts to say that this is Christianity will be endlessly mocked by those of us who know better. More importantly, when your god falls, and his presidency is nothing but a pile of ashes, you will have nowhere to run. Your sins will be laid bare and the scarlet letter of hypocrisy will be forever tattoed onto your forehead. While you preach the word of a megalomaniac, he is busy mocking Puerto Ricans as they struggle to survive after back to back hurricanes. As you attempt to speak about love and kindness (which you know nothing about) your god calls black men who are peacefully protesting inequality “Sons of bitches” and “traitors.” Meanwhile he speaks in front of a group of neo nazis and homophobes and says “It’s so nice to be around friends. So many friends.” You are the lowest form of human. ISIS is evil and should be eradicated, but at least they own who they are. They make no false speeches about love and acceptance when they don’t believe in it. They don’t shake the hands of the people while silently prepping to stab them in the back. You are nothing but low level talentless snake oil salesmen. You prey upon those who have been stricken desperate by your shitty unethical policies. You sell them a cure and make them believe that you and only you can help them. Then you sit back in your six homes, watching the peasants stumble around trying to find some sort of relief.

Thankfully for those of us who know better, history is full of bloviating religionists who thought they alone had the answer. Power is nothing in the hands of those who corrupt and abuse it. As the ringmasters of the past have fallen, so shall you. Your time is limited. Has been since the day you sold your soul to the devil. Wage your war now, but understand that in the end, you will be surrounded by the empty votes of those you thought disposable. You will find yourself alone in a sea of angry retaliation. Let us see how courageous you are when the skies open up and the storm comes for you. You wanted god, and you got him in all his orange glory.


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