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Foghorn Leghorn and the Swastika of Doom

August 17, 2017

Well holy fuck. I step away from life for a few weeks, and y’all throw a massive Nuremburg rally without me. You even threw in (tiki) torches and “Death to Jews” chants to boot. Predictably, it blew up in your face and now one of your major mouthpieces is crying like a bitch and worried that he’s going to jail. Well no shit Sherlock. This is what happens when you throw a rally where one of your dumb as a rock supporters runs over a counter protester with a car. This isn’t even the big portion of this story. The big part of this story is that people are actually upset that your “freedom of speech” was interrupted by counter protesters who don’t take kindly to being told they should be killed off. “But CJ they have a constitutional right!” To a degree, yes they do. If they wanted to grab some signs and walk around chanting White power or Sieg Heil, great, they have every right to do so. When you strap on your firearms and you walk through the streets with torches chanting “Death to Jews”, your freedom of speech suddenly turns into a threat. Don’t believe me? Try this one on Whitey: Imagine if last Friday night it wasn’t white nazi’s or the Klan carrying guns and torches yelling “Death to Jews” but the Nation of Islam carrying guns and yelling “Death to Christians.” Don’t you dare tell me that “Oh, it’s freedom of speech, we’d be good with that.” Bullshit, you idiots would be demanding they be jailed on threats of terrorism. I’ve noticed a trend with you suckfishing whale dicks. Remember when BLM held a rally in 2016 and a cop posted on Facebook “when you encounter these protests, remember you have 3 pedals on your car. Push the right one all the way down.” Or how about this gem from Troy Baker president of the Police Union in Santa Fe when he posted a picture of a jeep running over protesters with the tagline: “All Lives Splatter nobody cares about your protest.” In 2015 a rally in Ferguson was disrupted when some asshole plowed into the crowd and hit a 16 year old girl. Not enough? Okay. How about in Southern Illinois when an SUV driving douchebag drove into a crowd of protesters yelling “ALL LIVES MATTER!” “But CJ, BLM is a terrorist organization.” AND FUCKING NAZIS AREN’T??? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s okay to mow down black lives matter protesters, but punch a nazi in the face and suddenly you’re spitting in the face of the constitution?

When I was a kid, I used to sit in my room surrounded by Batman and Captain America comic books. Even at the age of 6 before I knew what a fucking nazi was, I knew they were bad people. If they weren’t, Captain America wouldn’t keep kicking the shit out of their red skulled leader. Back then, it was common knowledge that nazi’s were to be spit on and looked at with contempt. I had a friend in grade school whose grandfather used to tell us stories about World War II. In every single story he finished up by telling us that Nazi’s must never be given a voice again. Fast forward thirty years and suddenly we are defending Nazi’s beating the shit out of people with pipes, open carrying while chanting “death to Jews” and saying that running over a protester was “justified.” We now respond to horrors with deflection. “But Obama did it too” or “But BLM blocks roadways” or “Not every nazi is a bad person.” When I used to slam Obama for the shit he did, you know what I got? “But Bush did it too” or “What about Dick Cheney” or my favorite “The teabaggers get away with it.” You know who is to blame for last Friday’s bullshit? You. Me. All of us. Because we deflect. We refuse to admit the truth to ourselves and would much rather deflect elsewhere. This country has a sickness and it’s not because of gays, or blacks, or even Donald Trump. For 241 years, this country has been built on the backs of those deemed inferior. Every generation has had a civil rights movement of sorts. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Whether it was Indians, or the Irish, or Women, or African Americans, or Muslims, or Italians and Asians, or Gays, this country has always found an enemy to pin our faults on. The fact of the matter is that we are ALL responsible. Instead of casting blame on others, we need to look at ourselves. We talk about American values, but we don’t uphold them. We hide behind a piece of paper that some claim is a living breathing document and others claim is set in stone. Sound familiar? I believe the bible has that issue as well. Allowing violence is not an acceptance of the 1st Amendment and it is morally reprehensible. That being said, allowing intimidation and threats under the guise of freedom is equally reprehensible.

People talk about “Make America Great Again.” Truth is, from a social standpoint, America has never been great. Sure we rose from the dust faster than any other empire in the history of the world, but at what cost? We claim American exceptionalism and yet we threw people into concentration camps as well. We claim American tolerance and yet 70 years ago we had black soldiers coming home from WWII and being forced to sit in separate areas and use separate bathrooms because the very people they just defended from the Nazi’s didn’t want them there. We cry about the tearing down of Confederate statues but refuse to learn any of the lessons that war carried. “But you’re re-writing history!!” You know what, after what happened on Friday night, it’s apparent we aren’t learning from it either.


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