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War No More

July 15, 2017

This morning I heard a man talk about the dire need for this country to bomb North Korea as they are “becoming a major threat.” I could only shake my head as the words tumbled out of his mouth. How long is it going to take? How many wars? How many needless deaths before this species finally understands? Anytime there is a problem, our first solution is to bomb the unholy fuck out of it. We are the first grade child who doesn’t get their way and starts to throw things. The human race talks peace and love, but it’s a charade. We are a tantruming race of war mongering children. Its in our DNA. How many wars have been fought since the dawn of the human? How many battles over meaningless specks of land? Leave Earth’s atmosphere and float in the blackness of space. An ocean that stretches so far and wide you cant even comprehend it. A stretch of darkness that should inspire greatness and highlight the fragility and rarity of human life, and yet, we ignore it. We fight for chunks of land that in 500 years no one will ever remember the reasons why. We look across the ocean and see people that look different than we do and immediately find hate instead of curiosity. We find anger in a terrorist attack that kills Americans, but find no pity when we drone bomb an innocent wedding. The problem is not war, it is hypocrisy. It is this misguided, foolish belief that our lives matter more than others. That somehow, our resident country is so much more important than anyone else’s. Our self importance is the same sham shared by the English, French, Spanish, and every other goddamn empire that grew out of the piles of dead bodies. When are we going to stop looking at the small picture and finally take a gaze at the whole?

Fuck it. You can have your wars. You can have your bloodshed and your guns. You can look at a person who is different than you and choose to find some fault. I’m not. Not anymore. This life is too short and too full of potential to spend playing armchair general. If war is your mantra, just understand that you are no different than the millions that have come before you. The ones who chose violence over life, war over peace, and hate over love. If you want too truly experience what it is to be human, try love for a change. Maybe it’s not as exciting or as adrenaline filled, but it also doesn’t leave families broken, widows grieving, or a pile of dead bodies in it’s wake.


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