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August 31, 2016

I was going to start this article with the playing of the National Anthem, but I didn’t feel like standing up. This has been an interesting week in this country, and not for any good reason. The Nationalists in our community decided to get bent because someone refused to stand for the National Anthem. So, of course, cries of “traitor” and “If you don’t like it, leave!” rang out through the internet. Yes, you read that right. People, in a country that was founded by secession, are telling someone else, that if they don’t like it, they should leave. Goddamn it CJ! It’s disrespectful to the vets! Yeah? Fuck you. Where were you when the Republican senate voted down a 21 million dollar aid for vets bill that would have provided more benefits and better medical care for the troops? You know, the ones that we keep sending off to war? I didn’t hear a fucking peep out of ANY of you. But some snail dick sits for a song and suddenly it’s worthy of national outrage. How fucking thick can you be to think that standing for a song outweighs ACTUALLY HELPING VETS??You are the same group of assholes that sit here and talk about how America is no longer great, and that we need Donald Trump to make it great again. If it’s so bloody fucking horrible, why don’t you leave? See how that works?

While we are on the topic of shitheads, where was that “wounded” pride of yours when it became fact that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would be the next president? You’re embarrassed by a guy sitting for a song  but not the fact that this nation is going to be run by either a serial liar or a sociopath for the next four years?? In what fucking universe does that even make sense? But CJ, I have a right to call him an asshole. Yes, yes you do. And I have a right to call you an asshole for fake patriotism. So where does that leave us? Look, I’m not here to tell you that you can’t jock this kid for being dumb. But don’t you dare talk about Mandatory Pledges and Standing for Anthems being a requisite for living in this country. You want that trash, go to North Korea. I hear they kill people for less. You’ll fit in right at home.

If there’s anything this country has proven over and over again, it’s a willingness to get bent about stupid shit and let the truly heinous stuff pass by without a fucking comment. Wanna know what happened while you were getting your star spangled panties in a bunch? Brock Turner – the Stanford Rapist- was released from jail after serving three months. 3 fucking months for rape. Hillary Clinton also had another 15,000 emails exposed some of them even including shit about Benghazi. We also learned that Trump’s doctor is also either a liar or a HIPPA violator, but hey who cares, he’s just the physician of a presidential candidate.

My point is that all this faux nationalism shit? Is just a way to divide your attention from the actual REAL problems taking place. As for me? I’m going to go find the biggest fucking bong I can find, because ya’ll are killin’ me.

With love (even though it may not seem like it)



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