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Who Are You?

January 6, 2016

Despite the snow, the chilling wind, and the unpalatable attitudes people develop this time of year, winter still holds a special place in my heart. There’s something about waking up in darkness and leaving work in darkness that leaves a person willing to explore their own…darkness. I used to think that I was an oddity because I never hid behind a mask. I never pretended that I didn’t have serious flaws. That my heroes in life were anything more than tragically flawed individuals. I grew up and went through high school in an area where false faces and buried personalities were the key to success. Now, you may be asking what this has to do with the price of tea in China. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. I just need to lay out one more obvious statement. Grosse Pointe is not a rarity…it is every city, every state, every country. Sure most places won’t be driven by money or popularity like GP was/is, but it doesn’t matter. The point is, this is the norm. The way the world works. False faces believing in false heroes and false ideals. Don’t believe me? Bruce Jenner’s road to womanhood was seen as a turning point, as something to be proud of. All the while, the fact that Jenner was responsible for the death of a woman was completely ignored. Bill Cosby is finally going on trial for rape and instead of holding the man’s admissions about using Quaaludes for unsavory purposes, the country instead blamed the 40 women who have come forward. After all, Cliff Huxtable was a good family man. The fact that he was a fictitious family man apparently holds no value.  Look at who you vote for. Another election and another Clinton and Bush running. You elect a president who cries over dead first graders but has no issues with drone bombing weddings, schools, and hospitals half way around the world. You believe in a system that intentionally divides and yet, when you get called on it, you laugh nervously and pass the blame to someone else, never once looking in the mirror.  When a school gets shot up and a bunch of kids killed, you argue that guns aren’t the problem. With the same breath, you argue against better funding the mental health system because it’s either government overreach or you don’t want your taxes to pay for it. Your opinion/solution is the only one, and anything contrary to that is laughed at. You are never part of the problem, if the world only listened to you it would be a much better place.  I grew up with people like you and I used to think it was a rarity; that Grosse Pointe was an anomaly. Turns out that those of us who never could fit in to the GP’s of the world are the rarity. The question of the day, is…Who Are You?


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