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The End is…Nigh?

August 26, 2015

I’ve just returned from a small break outside. The temps here this week have hovered around the mid 60’s which I consider perfect. Today, however, large grey clouds swamp the sky. It is a fitting setting for the picture that is being drawn in my head. Today, 2 journalists were shot on live tv in Virginia. The first reaction was to label it as just another day in America. That’s when I got that itch in the back of my mind. The one that gnaws at me until I am forced to sit in front of some dim screen and type out thoughts that no one really wants to hear.

Every single day we are bombed by the media with stories about rampant violence. Man’s incredible cruelty becomes a day time novelty sucked up by house wives and those still stupid enough to think true journalism still exists today. It’s no wonder then, that most of the comments related to today’s shooting went along the lines of “It’s the end times!” People have been crying “End times” ever since John crawled into a cave with enough blotter acid to kill an elephant and managed to scratch out the book of Revelations in between bouts of hallucinations. All you hear these days is “Read the book of Daniel, it’s all there” or “Revelations predicted this!” You really think this is the end of days? You truly believe that Revelations is coming to fruition? Do you know how many centuries that tired phrase has been used to explain the horrors committed around/to us? You dont think people dropped the “End times” bullshit during the days of the plague? How about the Civil War? What about the “War to End All Wars”? Do you truly think that no one thought of Revelations when Hitler and his Clown Car full of Chicken Farmers took over half of Europe?

Anytime things get too uncomfortable in this world, people rely on biblical prophecy as some sort of logical explanation for the chaos their world has become. I disagree. I say it’s time to cut the bullshit and FINALLY come to terms with the fact that the human race is a vicious, demented species that thrives on violence and chaos. Look at how we treat sex. Thousands of years of evolution and we are still dim enough to loathe homosexuality, and yet just ballsy enough to think it’s okay to treat women like pieces of meat in a market. Go to any comment section of any online article and all you’ll see is people tearing each other down because they don’t agree with a given opinion.

Humans have this incredibly arrogant belief that because we can communicate and build tall things, that somehow we are better than the animals that share this planet with us. “C’mon CJ, animals kill each other all the time.” Yes. Yes they do. However, save for Apes and Gorillas, there isn’t a morality code in the animal kingdom. They act out of instinct and survival. The human race knows right from wrong. The human race knows good from evil, and yet our Facebook feeds and newspapers are constantly filled with stories about people who willingly choose to ignore right. You can call that biblical prophecy if it makes you feel better, but the honest truth is that you are a member of a violent, chaotic, and parasitic race. Sure, the good people probably outnumber the bad, but it’s the bad that cause you to seek outside explanations for your existence.


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