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So You Want To Talk About Race…

June 26, 2015

I need to put a quick disclaimer here: I am going to get to an honest evaluation of race relations here in a few minutes, but first I need to throw a few daggers at some of you assholes.

1. If you are all for the removal of the Confederate Flag from not just government buildings, but stores and the like but you are perfectly fine with having a white supremacist/Native American killer on the $5 bill, FUCK YOU.

2. If you are all for the removal of the names Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson from schools and parks, but you are fine with Franklin D Roosevelt’s name staying, FUCK YOU

3. If you are for the removal of all Confederate Statues, Memorials, and Portraits, but you are perfectly fine keeping a National Landmark that has the faces of two slave owners and a white supremacist/indian killer, FUCK YOU.

Now, you want to be honest about race, let’s get honest about race. First of all, racism is NEVER going to be eradicated. Ever. You have a better chance getting fucked by an elephant and giving birth to a baby Loch Ness Monster. Race has existed since the day we learned how to crawl out of the swamp and found that we weren’t all the same. Man has always been a divisive creature and that will never change. However, we can lessen the impact it has, but we have to be brutally honest about a few things in order to do that.

1. White Privilege: Despite the fact that honks like Hannity the Manatee and Bill O’Reilley continue to deny it, white privilege does in fact exist. I know, I have benefitted from it many times. When I was in high school, I had some black friends that lived in some shady areas of Detroit. They were good kids and I learned a lot about this world just by hanging out with them. One night we decided to drive around by the touristy areas of Detroit and throw firecrackers out the window and laugh as everyone thought they were being shot at (Shitty thing to do I know but we were 17). After a few blocks we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by about ten cop cars. My friends were yanked out of the car and thrown on the ground. I was ordered to get out with my hands up ( I was the driver). The cops, while giving no regard to the state of my friends, asked if I was ok and whether they had forced me to drive them around. I said no that we were all in it together. My friends were given citations for public disturbance, I was given a warning.

2. Racism Is Not Exclusively White: Contrary to what the media likes to report on (mainly white on black incidents) racism extends to every sector of humanity. While you guys were complaining about a 150 year old flag, a black man hanged himself in New York after physically assaulting 6 Asian women. Turns out this man also had a blog in which he promised to assault a million Asian women in an effort to get all Asian women to hate Black Men. That is racism. A few months ago some neo-nazi douchebags tagged a Jewish restaurant with swastikas. That is racism. Last week some dill headed freak down in South Carolina walked into a black church and shot 9 black people while sporting racist patches. That is racism. Last year, a Hispanic man followed a black teenager at night and then killed him. The media refused to call George Zimmerman hispanic, instead they labeled him a “White Guy”. That is racism. That is also race baiting and in order for people to get out of this loop, the race baiting needs to end. Notice that the media never talks about the racism faced by Native Americans, or that President Obama never talks about the racism faced by Hispanics. If we are going to be honest about race, we need to be truly HONEST about it, Not selective.

3. Pay Attention To History: If there is one thing I learned this week, it’s that this country no longer runs on reason. In the last 48 hours I have seen stores actively shut down Confederate Flag sales, I have heard cries for the removal of Confederate memorials and statues. I have heard the cries to ban Movies, books and games that have an image of the Confederate Flag. You know who bans books, movies, and games because they dont like them? Nazi’s and ISIS. Erasing all physical signs of history only makes the problem worse. You know why the concentration camps in Germany, Poland, and Austria still stand? They still stand because they are a reminder of what happens when you ignore history. They are a reminder of the levels of deprivation and cruelty that the human race is capable of. They remind us of where we’ve been so we never ever go back there again. The Civil War/War of Northern Aggression was a unique time in this country’s history. Men on both sides stood against slavery and men on both sides stood for it. Do we suddenly erase this period of time because it makes people uncomfortable? Are we going to turn our backs on the lessons that war taught us? You don’t get to pick and choose which parts of history remain. You can’t blast the South without also looking at the fact that we have a National Landmark as well as National Monuments that pay tribute to Slave Owners and Murderers. Being honest about race/slavery means being honest about ALL OF IT. You don’t get to blast the Confederate flag if you are going to gloss over FDR’s imprisonment of Japanese Americans and Italian Americans during World War 2. You don’t get to grumble about Confederate memorials if you are perfectly fine with the fact that our national currency consists of mainly slave owners and Indian killers. If you are fine with banning all images of the Confederacy, but you are unwilling to acknowledge that we had tons of White Slaves in this country as well, congrats, you are part of the problem.  If there is no consistency in the fight against racism, then nothing will ever change. Now, if you are willing to look back through history and say that our country was filled with imperfect men doing imperfect things with an eye towards learning from it, well, we are on to something. But until we confront the fact that this country was built on the backs of people that were deemed inferior, be they black, Asian, Irish, or Native American, there will never be progress. This country needs to be HONEST with itself, and until that happens we are going to be stuck in this perpetual “Us vs Them” loop.

If you want to be honest about race, then it’s time to start talking.

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