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The Crazy Logic of the Michigan Mental Health System

May 15, 2015

Greetings you beautiful Bastards! It has been a long time since we’ve had a chance to sit down and chew the fat. I’m afraid the fault lies at my feet as I have been nailed to a cross of apathy and all but figuratively dead the last year. Thankfully, the stone has rolled away from the tomb and I have taken to wandering the countryside nursing my wounds and trying to decide which Roman ass to kick first. I had my eyes set on the Mental Health system until I found that every single time I searched for figures and facts, either 50 Shades of I Cant Believe This Is A Thing or Bruce Jenner’s recent herculean effort to transform into a woman would dominate the searches. Thankfully, I am in the middle of a fucking romp with the mental health system myself so I have more than enough material to go on.

You see, my friend, we shall call her Rachel, suffers from severe PTSD due to things that we don’t need to get into right now. Thankfully after a year of battling with mental health “experts” she has been properly diagnosed and medicated. It wasn’t always that way. The first time she went to a Social Worker to seek help, said social worker (one Joann Blum) decided that after five minutes of talking to her, she was homicidal and a serious psychotic and had her immediately thrown into the mental hospital. The next day the hospital released her because the psychiatrist on duty decided that not only was she not homicidal, she wasn’t even close to psychotic. From there she was sent to the warm, tender care of the Macomb County Mental Health system here in Michigan. In five days, her diagnosis had been changed four times by three different psychiatrists. Meanwhile, the issues they WEREN’T addressing got worse. She became physically ill which the mental health system deemed a probable cause to throw her back in the mental hospital again, refusing to acknowledge the fact that the illness might indeed actually be physical. After being released with her 6th diagnosis, she was able to get in to a medical doctor who informed her that her gall bladder was only working at three percent. Long story short, the gall bladder came out, we left Macomb County and finally got the help she needed.

Now, You can say that Joann Blum and the Henry Ford mental health system are just a blip on an otherwise spotless record for mental health in Michigan, but you’d be wrong. I cant speak for other states, but in Michigan, mental health patients are just numbers. Faceless nuisances that the state doesn’t have the patience or the time for. It baffles me that mental illness is still Scarlet Letter worthy in a country that is run by sociopaths who are voted in by people who spend their lives worrying more about the fate of the Kartrashians than they do the futures of their children. Then again, this is the same country that elected not one, but two members of the deranged Bush family and are currently on course to elect the 2nd Clinton. Of course, by Federal Government guidelines, this piece alone is a symptom of adult Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

On second thought, fuck it, maybe this country could use a little more crazy.



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