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Storytime with The Bastards or Why I Hate Laws

January 24, 2015

Greetings kids, today your Uncle CJ is going to tell you an amazingly short but important story. It may be filled with biased spite and complete loathing, but believe me when I tell you, it’s for your own good, so here we go:

Once upon a time, there were no humans, and it was fucking glorious. Why? Because there was a natural order to things. The surface of the planet changed often, and with it, life on Earth changed. Microscopic organisms grew and learned how to survive in the seas, until one day one brave creature decided to leave the sea and live on land. This went on for millions of years until finally the homo sapien pulled itself out of the primordial soup and took it’s place on Earth. And that, kids, is when shit hit the fan. Humans quickly learned to adapt and survive which led them to the top of the food chain, but then came the desire for laws. With laws, came subjugation. Those who made the laws had the power, and those who didn’t, were at the whim of their masters. Tribes turned into villages, villages turned into cities, cities turned into city states, and finally we ended up with the Beacon of Democracy: Rome. At least until Rome burned to the ground after years of complacency and decadence. You see kids, Human Empires rise and ultimately fall. Some last a long time (Rome) and others last a very short time (Hitler’s daffy Third Reich), Usually the root cause is laws. Laws, we are told, are there to keep order, but what they usually do is create either an economic or societal divide. When that goes on long enough, kaboom, the entire structure cracks and falls into the ocean, destined to be yet another reminder of man’s shortcomings. That is precisely what is taking place today. The laws today have been designed to stifle creativity and individual thinking. We are told that our loss of rights is a necessity and “for the greater good” even if it’s only for the greater good of those in charge and not the populace. You see kids, there was a time that the people of this country were self starting, brilliant, and innovative. The government stayed out of their way for the most part, and this country thrived quicker than any other empire in history. That’s when the complacency set in. Now, we rely of the government for almost everything. We handed it power and said “please take care of us.” Now we are left with a country on the brink of collapse. Sure, the fall won’t come tomorrow, but five hundred years from now, when people look back at the United States of America, it won’t be with admiration. The US will be seen as just another failure in the long, violent history of the human race.

So there you have it kids. Take from it what you will, but understand that whatever happens to this country will more than likely result from the decisions your generation makes. So choose wisely, and learn from those of us who failed before you.


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