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Never Forget

September 13, 2014

There is beauty in history. Real history, which is so rare nowadays. History that is not distorted or downright changed. Never forget… I tire of hearing this. So I come up with my own…. let’s never forget the real heroes. The soldiers on the front lines of old, fighting wars for nothing but money and power. They never questioned because there was no way for them to know. Those poor souls did not have no way of knowing the truth like we have now. They just pushed forward, unrelenting, unbreaking until either victory or death took them.

Corporal Leslie “Bull” Allen for example was an Australian soldier who under heavy fire carried not 1 or 2, but 12 wounded American soldiers to safety. A man caring about his brothers so to risk his own life 12 times. That my brothers and sisters is the true human spirit.

Another example is Witold Pilecki… a Polish soldier who of all things volunteered to be captured and taken to Auschwitz. The infamous concentration camp. Though his task meant almost certain death he went willingly. For 3 years he stayed in hell organizing internal resistance and doing reconnaissance. In 1943 he was able to escape and write his reports on the atrocities being committed. It was this report that convinced the Allies that the Holocaust was taking place. His work was invaluable but is lost to the sands of time.

No matter how you feel about what happened on 911 this is fact. A lot of people died unnecessarily for whatever reason. No I personally don’t believe the “official” story. Nor can anyone convince me otherwise. The one thing that no one can deny is the fact that it was the beginning of the end. We have been at war with some boogyman ever since and it looks like its not slowing down any.

Never forget…. yes let us never forget the freedoms we lost that day. Let’s never forget the millions of lives lost since that day. Let us never forget the human spirit that is still alive and strong in this world. Let us never forget that we have a mind to think for ourselves and must use it or we fall. We fall into oblivion of the unending war.

Chris (arrasinn)


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