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Evangelical Medicine OR If You Are Waiting For God To Cure Your Kid, You’re An Asshole

July 1, 2014

If this is the first piece by me that you have read, you need to understand one thing going into this. I do NOT mince my words. I have no problem tearing someone down if it is called for and I do it with glee. So let me preface this piece by saying that you have the right to whatever religious beliefs you want. If you are at home and you choose to batter your depressed son/daughter by telling her that the Devil is doing it to them, you go right ahead. However, if I hear you do it in public, I will literally wrench your jaws open, crawl down your throat, and kick my way out of your chest. Why, you ask, would that be any of my concern? Good question and the answer is simple. I have a very good friend that lives down South. Her mother is a fundy and she doesn’t have contact with her father (he was physically abusive). Around sophomore year of high school this girl started suffering from anxiety attacks. Instead of getting her daughter help, her mother insisted that it was demons that were causing it so they could posess her. Now I’m sure some of you have seen the movie Carrie…it was a lot like that. I know, I witnessed a lot of it firsthand. She is now in her 30’s, married, and has a daughter of her own. To this day she cant see any movies/shows or read any books dealing with demons because it immediately throws her into a massive panic attack. All the conditioning her “loving” mother put her through has stuck with her well into her adult years. She sees a therapist once a week and lives in fear that they will never go away.

As some of you know, I dropped Christianity a long time ago. The biggest reason for doing so, was that I couldn’t handle the utter ignorance that came out of it. To be blunt, if your kid is sick *mentally or physically* and you are waiting for God to cure them instead of getting them help, congratulations, you are an asshole. If you want to sit there and blame El Diablo for your childs ails, you better understand the ramifications of what you are doing. See, the thing that most of these jackasses fail to understand, is that their decisions usually have massive consequences. Take the little boy in Arizona who died because his sheep faced, buffalo dick of a mother decided he needed an exorcism because he kept crying. Turns out he was teething. Guess they dont teach that shit in the Magical World of Jeebus. How about the little girl who nearly died of pneumonia because her parents decided that praying was the best course of action. They are now in jail because they nearly killed their daughter with a mighty dose of stupidity.

If you’re at the point in this piece where you are already thinking of your rebuttal, just turn off your screen and walk away. I guarantee that you don’t have the intelligence to stand toe to toe and hotbox with me.  I just hope that during my lifetime, I get to see the Universe take its revenge on this species for being so wrongheaded and evil. You want to find the devil? Look in a mirror. You are the evil you are “fighting” against and your children deserve better than that!


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