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Edge of the World

June 18, 2014

He stands at the edge of the world drinking in the serene

Staring at reflections of who he’s been and what he’s seen

He tried to be a good man tried to be of use

But the system kept turning him out and spittin tyrannical abuse

When man turns his eye from his fellow mans sorrow

Theres nothing left to do but watch the falling of tomorrow

One of these days the sky is going to crack and the game will be over

Leaving those leftover with no choice but to try and start over

As they mourn the passing of the way it should have gone

They’re left listening to the echoes of the same old song

Thousands of generations and the lesson never learned

When you carelessly play with fire everything gets burned

Take a look around you and tell me what you see

Do you hear the mournful wails and the sorrowful pleas?

This is your fellow man reaching out a hand in desperation

It’s the price of admission to the age of anger, confusion, and frustration

It doesn’t have to be this way there’s still time to avert this damnation

A chance for humanity to break its chains and create a global emancipation

But it lies with you and it lies with me to help those whose lives are endangered

And see them as brothers and sisters instead of treating them like strangers.



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