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And Now For Something Completely Different…

May 22, 2014

I’m not going to go into why I wrote this, I really couldnt tell you. It was the voice that yelled the loudest today and so I chose to listen. The grammar, space, and format is awful but thats the way it has to be. Disjointed and ugly just like the theme it represents. Who knows, maybe deep down I did learn something from ee and Carl. At any rate its different than anything I’ve done before so take it for what it is. Artistic expression.

They preach it from the mountaintop and down into the valley. Through the empty side streets and up and down the alleys. They write it on their paper walls and shove it in your face its not about humanity they say, its all about the race. When did this castle start to crumble? When did it all begin? Was it born in 1692 from the flames of Witchcrafts sin? Was it back in 1861 by a nation deeply flawed? Or back in 44bc when a man declared himself a god? Maybe the answer lies further north in ovens long gone cold. Another human chapter in a book that’s gotten old. Surely it was born in the mountains when Alexander crossed. Or maybe with the Mongols in the land of snow and frost. I try to find a legacy something of which we can take pride. Going back through history my dream has slowly died. We could find the homes for homeless and food for those without. Instead we choose to drop our bombs while our humanity dies out. Until we change our thinking the history will remain. And the world will continue to suffer the spread of the human stain.


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