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Anonymous No Longer… (Guest Post)

March 27, 2014


OK where to start… The liberty movement could be such a wonderful thing. It had a chance to change this country. What’s the problem with it? Unification. I love the damn hypocrites.. One common bond between all libertarians is they want to be free… To live as they will right? Sounds great. Problem is the conservative side don’t want to play by their own rules. WTF people? I say it “had” a chance because it has long since lost its legitimacy.

The gay marriage issue comes to mind right off hand. This is a Christian problem for sure. Why is it even in a political debate? For the life of me I can’t understand. I know how the majority of Christians act.. I am one that lives in the deep south. It literally sickens me to see grown men and women squabble over this. Simple solution. Do the libertarian thing. Let the damn people live how they want. As long as I don’t pay for it through taxes I think I can live with that. It’s their choice to live how they want. Freedom of choice right? We complain about losing our freedoms and us Christians can’t even come together to agree on this.

Same thing with the abortion issue. Do I agree with it. No, but once again it’s a choice. One of the few things we have left to an extent so let’s fucking us it. Let us choose not to be ignorant assholes letting religion guide our country’s actions. Let us choose to come together as one. I honestly don’t think this country stands a chance, I know it doesn’t at the present rate. I also know this, the major problem facing unity are religion. Christians being the major culprit. I can’t say all because I know a few who feel as I do. Let’s put it in the upper 90 percent. All I hear from them is “this country was founded on Christian values.” Why in the hell was freedom of religion put in there in the first place then. This comes from the same people who will fight tooth and nail over the second amendment. Woe unto you hypocrites. I just can’t understand it.

If it was found out how I feel about people of mine own faith where I live… Woe unto me. Well it’s time to grow some balls and say what needs to be said. Ive posted a few articles under the name Arrasinn so I could post without fear of banishment from my own. No longer. My name is Chris Danley and I no longer fear because I only have one to fear. I feel it in my heart that He would agree with me….

Standing strong with all my brothers and sisters whatever faith, code, or creed you live by

Chris “Arrasinn”


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