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Of Christianity and Modern Morality

March 22, 2014

For years, I’ve listened to the religionists of the world talk about God’s law and how God’s law supercedes those of man. I’ve listened to the braying of the herd as they try to legislate all people under one certain morality. I’ve listened to the arrogance of man as he claims knowledge of a god he has never met. I’ve listened, and now it’s my turn to pound the pulpit. I’ve seen the likes of you come and go. You climb down from the mountain like you have been given some divine providence. You speak of God, yet all that comes out are the words of a fork tongued devil. You claim that God’s law is ALL law, and that all men should be placed under it. Then, when people fight back, you cry out that you are being persecuted. That people (pagans or homosexuals) are forcing their views on you. You are the schoolyard bully that hides behind the teacher when your bill comes due. Your days of hiding are over Preacher Man, consider me the bill collector. You see, I don’t believe in your god. I don’t believe in that book you hold so dear to your heart. If we are going to run the world according to religious morality, then I’d say you have a lot to be worried about. If you want to go back to biblical rule, then you need to understand that Heathens like me will go back to living the way our ancestors did. That means weekly BBQ’s with the local church guesting as the bon fire. That means slaying your parishoners in self defense, after all, burning Pagans at the stake is a specialty of old time biblical rule.

For you Women out there that like to quote the old testament, just remember what it says about a woman who has sex before marriage, or a woman who gets divorced. That’s right, I’m talking about the parts that say you should be stoned/killed. But you don’t pay attention to that do you my little lambs? No, you pick and choose like a kid going through a candy store deciding what to spend his quarters on. You choose what fits your sick sense of morality, and then toss the rest like it never existed. The fact that you become utter hypocrites apparently doesn’t bother you. Neither does the fact that it doesn’t fit my morality. But you care just as much about my definition of morality as I do yours. The only difference between us, is I’m not forcing you to try to live by my morality.

Now that I’ve thought about it, let’s bring back biblical law, let’s bring back the era of old testament law. Let’s see how many of you bitch assed freaks could actually survive “that old time religion.” My guess, is that you’d do what you do now, ignore what applies to you and find people to persecute. I really do hope Christianity goes back to a physical war on Pagans and Heathens, because that figurative axe society is currently grinding, will become a literal one.


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