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Where Were You When The Fun Stopped?

February 4, 2014

I woke up the other day and realized that for the first time in years, this has stopped being fun. Not life, but this whole political orgy we find ourselves involved in (by choice or by force) every single day. Bush Jr was a dunce rich kid from Texas and Dick Cheney is a real life version of Doctor Robotnik, but at least they were fun. When Jr choked on a pretzel and dinged his face off a table as a result, there was at least some sense of “Jr being Jr.” This new hood ornament, this two time flavor of the month we are forced to deal with now, has sucked all the fun out of it. We all expected Jr to fuck things up. After all, he’s a Bush, and that’s what Bushes do best. This Obama character though has completely bottomed out the fun factor. This current administration has thrown so much crap into the workings that it’s become tiresome at best. Whenever the current president says/does something stupid, it goes by either unnoticed or it passes by with a few shrugs of the shoulders and a sigh. This son of a bitch has drained the fun out of the entire process. People are so tired of his incessant bullshit that they no longer care. The difference, I think, is that when Bush did/said something stupid, it was because he really was that dense. When Obama says/does something stupid it feels like he is insulting our intelligence. Obama is not a dumb rich kid from a dumb rich family. He’s smarter than that and he knows it. Worst of all, we know it as well. When Obama comes out and claims he doesn’t know something, we know he’s full of shit. We know we are being played and fucked with. Seeing that shit eating grin he always follows up with, is like walking into your bedroom and finding your best friend trampolining your wife. It hits you deep and hard because you know it’s deliberate. Say what you will about Republicans (most of it’s true), but at least they make things somewhat fun. Whether it’s Michelle Bachmann and her crazy eyes going off about how gay marriage is the equivalent of Nazi Germany, or Rick Santorum explaining why Rape is a gift from God, there’s at least a sense of insanity that comes with it. With Obama and his braying, village idiot sidekick Joe Biden, there is nothing but cold, hard, statements.

There is no place for humor in the belly of the beast, and right now that beast happens to be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Even after the grim times that followed 9/11, there was still a sense that things hadn’t spiraled out of control. That even though we had a dumb kid from Texas in office things would still somehow work out. Those times have passed. The days of the Court Jester taking office are over. All we are left with now is an impending sense of doom and the realization that the laughter has died and it’s never coming back. Barack Obama is a serious man with serious intentions. Yes he may be but a puppet, but he still killed the fun. Bush was a fool and a tyrannical dunce, but that’s what made him tolerable. Obama is the Christopher Nolan to our Batman. The camp is gone, the humor has been ripped out, and all we are left with is a desolate landscape where reality is filled with hellish visions of a Dysopian future. I was at home writing my final, snark filled piece on George W when the fun stopped..Gods help me but I miss those days…



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