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The War On Xmas Part 2: A Heathen’s Perspective

December 13, 2013

A few hours ago I wrote about Bill O’Reilly’s jabbering tirade about the “War on Xmas.” I kept it neutral as far as religious beliefs are concerned and pointed out that this time of year is for people of all faiths not just Christians. That being said, this is the flip side to that. This is what the “War on Xmas” is like to a Heathen…

As I mentioned in the previous piece, I have an utter hatred for Christianity. The religion itself is based off the traditions and beliefs of those that came before it. For 1,000 years Christianity has done it’s best to completely wipe out the traditions and Gods of the Old Ways. They took the temples of our ancestors as their own and turned them into churches, they held our ancestors at swordpoint and demanded conversion. If they failed to comply they were killed. They took the holidays that were so sacred to them and raped the souls out of them until the traditions were no longer our own. As a Heathen in modern times Christmas is just a part of the Winter season. It’s been around for a few thousand years (in December) and its something I used to celebrate as a child. My issue does not come with Christmas. My issue comes when arrogant assholes like Bill O’Reilly walk around spouting about the “War on Xmas.” There is no war on xmas. If you really want to get technical and historically accurate you could say theres been a thousand year war on Yule. You do not own this holiday, you are borrowing it. According to Biblical Scholars Jesus was born in the fall sometime around Late September/October. The Christmas as you know it was held out to the Pagans as a way of letting them know that Christianity had similar holidays. In other words, they took Yule, claimed it as the birth of Jesus, and then passed it off as their own holiday.

Why it matters: The backstory of Christmas matters because when Christians come out and yell “persecution” due to this ridiculous “War on Xmas” it’s hypocrisy at its finest. When Charlemagne started Christianising the Heathens, he was ruthless in his efforts. Whole villages were burned down and entire families slaughtered. One day Charlemagne killed 4,500 Heathens in Germany all because they refused conversion and fought to keep their religion. Strangely enough Charlemagne is held in high regards. It also matters because when a Heathen or Pagan comes out and celebrates the holidays of Old they are seen as blaspheming the name of God. In other words, its ok for Christians to celebrate a holiday they stole as well as complain of “Persecution” about said stolen holiday but if a Heathen or Pagan celebrates the holidays of their ancestors suddenly its an affront to God.

This year I will once again be celebrating Yule/Solstice on the 21st. I will raise my mead to the Gods and to my Ancestors. I will make the oaths that will bond for life, and I will take a moment to remember all those who were killed for refusing to turn their backs on their Gods and their kin. So go ahead and yell “War on Xmas” all you want but understand that despite all the efforts of the church, the Hammer still stands strong.


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