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The War on Xmas Part 1: The Wrath of Bill-O

December 13, 2013

Those of you that know me are probably expecting this to be a hit piece. In a way it is, but not in the way you’d expect. I am keeping my Heathen beliefs out of this and looking at this from a purely Non-religious standpoint. That being said, let the hatchet fly…

Last night Bill O’Reilly went on yet another tired rant about the mythical “War on Christmas.” His entire basis is that society wants to take Christ out of the Holidays to please the Atheists and “those weird Wiccans.” Here is the absurd part of his statement: I can walk into any store within a 25 mile radius of my house right now and the first thing I will see is Christmas stuff and the first thing I will hear are Christmas Carols over the loudspeaker. War on Xmas indeed. Bill-O then went on to say that people are no longer able to say “Merry Christmas” without being harrassed. I’m not sure what people Bill-0 is talking about but I get people saying “Merry Christmas” to me all the time. I don’t take offense and I dont drop a “Happy Solstice” or “Happy Yule” on them in return I just say “Likewise” and move on. It seems to me that Bill O’Reilly is trying to find offense where none lies. Sure there are some Atheists out there that get militant about it and I dont blame them. From a personal standpoint I have a severe hatred of Christianity (as an organized religion) and I could understand why someone would be sick of hearing that but for the most part all I see are people trying to coexist during their respective holidays.

Bill-O wrapped up his tirade by making fun of Heathens, Pagans, and Atheists. From a purely historical standpoint it appears that Bill O’Reilly has absolutely no fucking clue where Christmas came from. All those traditions he holds so dear came from Pagan holidays (Yule tree, Santa Clause ‘Odin’, etc…) so I think a better way to keep Christ in Christmas would be to embrace that history. There is no reason this time of year can’t be shared peacefully by everyone. Trying to fan the flames of a war that doesn’t exist if anything seems to be more like the “Militant atheists” he hates so much. Don’t forget who Christ hung out with and what he was about. Jesus preached tolerance and love not hatred. Before telling people to keep Christ in Christmas maybe Bill O’Reilly should keep Christ in himself first…


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