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I’ll Take Hypocrites for $300 Alex or (Welcome to the Reservation Ladies We’ve Been Expecting You)

December 12, 2013

Back when Obamacare had just become law, I bitched about the fact that it was bullshit that people who didnt want it still had to pay a penalty (tax) on it. All I heard was “Deal with it, it’s the law” or “Suck it up buttercup” or “Think of the greater good.” Those of you that know me can imagine the amount of joy I felt in my heart when the Detroit Free Press reported that the Republicans here in Michigan passed a law that would force women to buy an extra insurance policy for abortions. Lets simplify this: Women are being forced to pay for something they shouldnt have to pay for. I immediately went dark side in my absolute glee over the distress and anger that was being displayed by the very same people that told me to deal with it and to suck it up because its law. You are a bunch of hypocritical, selfish, assholes. Where was your “Moral” outrage when an entire wedding was drone bombed in Pakistan? Where was your “moral” outrage when the NSA started spying on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE? Where was your “moral” outrage when Barack Obama furthered the evil Bush policies in most cases making them worse than they already were? Where was your “moral” outrage when hundreds of innocent people were killed by US drones? Where was your “moral” outrage when the militarization of the police started? You fucking losers only get angry when things don’t go your way. You could care less about the suffering of others or the loss of rights of your fellow countrymen(women). Oil spills and fracking causing people to get deathly ill? Not a fucking word. Forced to buy an extra policy for abortion and suddenly the US is a fascist country of cowards who are living in the 18th century. You only care about what directly affects you. I have ZERO sympathy for you because you show no compassion to anything outside your little circle of buttfuckery. NOW, that being said, I agree with your outrage. As an anarchist, my personal opinions on abortion mean very little. The Government has NO business telling someone what they can or cant do with their body. It’s a shit law and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t get it.

Now, I could blast you assholes for another 18 paragraphs, but I am willing to forgive your selfish stupidity if you are willing to look at last night’s events as a learning moment. This is the lesson you should have gotten out of last night: No matter which political party is in power, no matter what laws are being passed, a whole lot of people are going to be fucked by it. Why? Because we live in a Democracy. A Democracy is majority rule which means whatever the majority wants they get even if it fucks the minority hard. This is what has happened to those of us who are against government everyday for the last 237 years. Last night it happened to you and you were outraged. Maybe now you will think about more than just yourself when a law comes up. Maybe now you will understand that the majority might support what you want now, but at some point it will turn on you, and when it does you are going to find out that maybe majority rule ISN’T the best way to go. Then again, if you are dumb enough to think Obama should have a third term maybe you deserve what’s coming down the pipeline. Either way, strap in because you just got a nice jolt of reality last night. To paraphrase my Coyote Brother, Welcome to the reservation ladies, we’ve been expecting you.

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