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Spiraling Into The Abyss

October 9, 2013

Once upon a time there was a star. A star unlike any other. A star who’s light shown so bright that all others looked up to it, feared it, even envied it. Then one day something happened…This star was our beloved country. America the beautiful in a time long past. We used to be the light of nations. People from all over this world wanted to come get a piece of the American dream. Once again something happened…It can be argued on exactly what the actual turning point was, be it greedy ass bankers or just changes of society it doesn’t change the facts of today. The fact is our beloved star is gone. Burnt out beyond repair. What’s left is a massive vacuum that swallows up everything it is allowed and most of what it is not. Money, happiness, emotions, everything it can; it does nothing but swallow and it will never be satisfied. A true black hole.In astronomy a black hole is the remnant of a once great star that exploded in a supernova. Our black hole is the remnant of our once great country and society that has lost the balls to stand up for what is right and true for all. Individual freedom. Our government, the black hole , is spiraling us into the abyss. They take it all with what returns? Safety? Security? Bullshit. We pay taxes to the hole. What do we get? Roads, welfare, unemployment? Have you noticed how long it takes to fix a section of the interstate now? Have you ever signed up for any of these programs? I lost my job when Katrina hit for 4 months. I went to sign up for food stamps… 50 dollars a month is what i got to feed 2 kids. 50 bucks a month for 12 years of feeding the hole. That is the day my thoughts and feelings changed. Something clicked inside me. I realized alot that day. The hole was not my friend nor savior. No one had my back like i was taught or programmed. I was alone and at the mercy of the great black hole.Following years of studying the causes of the problems facing us today i always had hope and my faith. Well today i say to you my hope is gone. I no longer think we can change anything about the current circumstances we face. The hole will never be sated. Never. Even if someone infiltrated the top levels of government, the current safeguards of corruption would prevent him from doing much. America is lost. Hope is lost. The late Peter Steel said “base not your joy upon the deeds of others, for what is given can be taken away. No hope=no fear.” My hope is gone but so is my fear. Fear is a cancer that will eat you alive if you let it. Keep you from doing what is necessary. Lose the shit it isn’t needed in your life.

Brothers and Sisters i say this, let the hole devour itself. We don’t have a choice. Make your efforts elsewhere. Learn to survive, live off the land, be self contained. No one but ourselves will be there when we need it most. Sure the American spirit will not die. We will be there for others when needed but you can not count on it. Its not an obligation and you are sure not ENTITLED to my help. It will have to be earned with honesty and loyalty as it was in days long past. When the dust settles and the hole completely gone then we can truly be free.We are well past the event horizon, the point where not even light can escape the black hole. Let the damn thing spiral into the abyss. Then we move on. Just pray to whichever God or Gods you hold sacred that you are prepared…


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