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A Case For Anarchy

September 24, 2013

Hearing conservatives cry about the country is the funniest thing ever. I find It even more hilarious when they say “you gotta listen to alternative media, like Fox News!” and they don’t even realize they are just as much a part of the problem by keeping us distracted and seperated. Then they cry about “voters fraud” but they keep heading to the booth when it’s time to elect a new dictator.

The fact of the matter is, government has everyone brainwashed with the false pretense that you can’t survive without it, even though people are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Greed and laziness have become indoctrination, the former because it takes So much away from us, the latter because it’s making you dependent on a system that’s crooked and corrupt. Once you sign their papers, its their rules and only their rules.

I preach about this so much but you guys have got to get it through your skulls that it doesn’t take a government to take care of the old and sick. It doesn’t take a government to section out land. It doesn’t take government to fix and build roads. All it takes is charitable people willing to work together for a better way of life. And I believe without government intervention, more and more of those people would show up.

Screw this country and it’s false sense of freedom protected by a piece of paper. Give me the actual thing with all of it’s flaws any day over this system we have now.


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