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Molon Labe For A New Age (Guest Post)

August 15, 2013

I would like to put a little twist on a well known story that I am sure you have all heard or seen. MOLON LABE! Advocates of the second amendment yell it everyday. The 300 spartans with king Leonidas held out for 3 days at the “hot gates” at Thermopylae against the might of the Persian empire. It is a very good story and an even better piece of history. Lets change the perspective a bit…

With everything going on today in society and our great leaders robbing our money and freedoms we sometimes get lost in bitching about this and that and forget the fact that We have to do something. Everyone likes analogies right? Lol. Well the ruling elite of this country…”the owners” if you will, not the government, they are only there for us to think we have freedom of choice.. are very very few in number. Lets just say 300 of them.

Just like the spartans with their superior armor and training, the owners have superior everything. Money, power, armies at their disposal, the media..propaganda if you will, they have it all and they are using it to take away everything our ancestors fought and died for. The greatest country in the world is hated by just about everyone in the world now. Our global policies, sticking our nose in places its not wanted, trying to police the world is the reason. They use fear to beat us down into pawns to their will. If history tells us anything we will soon be slaves to their will if we don’t act now.

Now to the Persians. They had numbers to their advantage. They were made up of many different peoples, cultures and creeds, but they fought together. For 3 days they could not prevail against the mere 300 spartans who were lodged in a narrow mountain pass. The Persians had to outflank them and eventually crush the spartans.

Can we see the similarities here? If we outflanked the elite and did the unexpected i think we could have a chance at turning this country around. The one thing they don’t expect is unity. We are divided. The political game is a ploy.. a diversion if you will. Bush was a puppet…Obama is a puppet. This country is divided right down the middle. Republican.. democrat.. we are being fooled. Social issues are all that differentiate the Fight amongst ourselves and we won’t see what is really going on. Fear terrorism and we won’t care what liberties are taken from us. Just keep us safe Mr president… bullshit.

We must stand as one against tyranny or we lose it all. Its the only chance we have. Ill stand beside any man, woman, or child as long as they stand for true liberty. We must put aside our hates for the cause. Gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, atheist, black, white, hispanic… doesn’t matter. We are all Americans. Brothers and sisters with freedom to unite us. The event horizon is near. The threshold of no return which is a road i don’t want to go down. Please my friends heed and take heart. Don’t let pride stand in the way. Keep up the fight and the faith for freedom..



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