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The Rise of the Suckfish

August 9, 2013

The other night, our goofy child-like president showed up on Jay “The Chin” Leno’s show and promptly informed the American public that NOBODY was spying on them. Ho ho suckfish. Take that piece of presidential trash and put it by the curb because today is Garbage day, and that half-wit lunatic is driving the truck. Back in ’08, when Senator Obama was hoodwinking the public in order to become Lunatic-In-Chief Obama, he talked about how he took inspiration from Abraham Lincoln and how he would do his best to honor his tyrannical Idol. Apparently, his love affair with Lincoln only lasted until Election Day, because it would seem that these days his idol is one Richard Milhouse Nixon. Nixon was of the belief that “If the President does it that means that it’s not illegal.” Heavy words from a scumbag, although you can hardly blame him for that mindset. This was a guy whose Presidency was so corrupted and vile he has gone down in the record books with the beautiful moniker of Tricky Dick. In fact, if it wasn’t for that dopey Batfish Gerald Ford, Nixon would have been flushed down the political toilet, left to swim among the shit with U.S. Grant and Herbert Hoover.

Jesus, what a long fucking road to take in order to make a short point. I hate tangents but I go on them quite often. Kind of like our dopey president. He had the audacity to lie straight to your faces on national t.v. and yet all I heard the next day were his squawking supporters yelling out “see we told you so!” Where the fuck do these people come from? Is it really possible that there are sections of the human race that have survived decades without a brain in their head? From an evolutionary standpoint it would be the next logical step. What’s the point of having a brain if all you’re going to do is let it sit in your skull and rot? How can anyone trust a word that comes out of this blowholes head? If I turned on the television one day, and Barack Obama mentioned how blue the sky was, I’d rush outside just to make sure it hadn’t turned purple on us overnight. This is a guy who would shake your hand, flash that million dollar smile, and then drone bomb your house for being a terrorist threat. If this dingy hedgehog honestly believes that people are going to buy his “No one is spying on you” spiel, he’s crazier than I thought. Of course they are spying on us. The DEA has come right out and admitted as much. Apparently they’ve been using the NSA to “bust up” drug deals. Some poor bastard gets an ounce of weed at a truck stop and suddenly the DEA and the SWAT team are pounding on him like a piñata.

Make no mistake, this whole NSA spying thing has nothing to do with terrorists. This is about conditioning. This is about getting your ass used to the idea that privacy no longer exists. This is all about scaring you into compliance, and you haven’t disappointed have you? You continually back this sociopaths play and then wonder why there are so many “conspiracy theorists” out there. Newsflash Jack, the number of conspiracy theorists is still the same, the amount of people who are waking up to the bullshit on the other hand is on the rise. You and your little Politi-philes are trending downwards. People are starting to understand that the two party system is rigged. That Republicans and Democrats are two butt cheeks on the same beast. That is not a conspiracy theory. It is fact, and as long as you are willing to hang from the Presidential Nutsack, you will never understand that. You will also never understand that our government no longer works for us, they work for the corporations. We just happen to be the asshole that the big Corporate Dick keeps plunging into.

If you want my advice, I suggest you wake the fuck up. Pretty soon everything you think you know is going to come crashing down on your GMO riddled head. You are going to wake up one day and find out that just because you don’t want something to be true, doesn’t mean it’s not. The Suckfish are rising folks…it’s up to you to stop them.



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