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For Tony Velez and Rosie Chyz Detroit Justice is Selective and Cold

August 7, 2013

The news out of Detroit the last few years has been dominated by coverage of the implosion of the city’s finances and political scandals. We’ve heard about a mayor who was so corrupt even the Feds had an open and shut case against him. We have heard about a city council that has fumbled the financial problems so many times they could almost be mistaken for a Detroit Lions running back. We’ve also heard about a state appointed Emergency Financial Manager who has been brought in to lift Detroit out of the ashes. Unfortunately, because of this, stories that should have been headlined were dropped out of sight and out of mind, leaving the people involved on an island alone. One such story involves a young man, his girlfriend, three monsters who took their lives without second thought, and a police department that refuses to cooperate.

On October 24th, 2011, the bodies of Tony Velez (22) and his girlfriend Rosie Chyz (19) were found tied up in a field near Mount Elliot and Van Dyke. Tony had been beaten beyond recognition and Rosie had been brutalized. Both of them had been shot multiple times execution style. Tony’s mother was only able to identify the body by his tattoos. As the story goes, Tony had listed an ad on Craigslist. After receiving a response, both he and Rosie met up with people they were familiar with at Mack and Altar near the Grosse Pointe/Detroit border. A few hours later, after Tony and Rosie had been savagely murdered, their car was found at the old Packard plant. It had been set on fire and burned out. What followed is typical Detroit Police Department response. The DPD likes to fall back on the very compassionate “That’s what happens when white kids come to Detroit” stance, as if that somehow justifies the actions that took place. The fact that Tony Velez is Hispanic never even registered with them.

For a little under three years now, the DPD has stonewalled Tony’s mother. When she inquires about the investigation they either tell her they will pass it along or that they can’t comment. On Monday August 5th, 2013, she made an appearance on The Corner with K-Hubb, a local internet radio show hosted by Karen Hubbard. She made mention of an incident that really sums up the entire DPD line of thought concerning Mr. Velez and Miss Chyz. She said “They had set up a crime stopper hotline. A few calls were made to the hotline one week but the Detective was on vacation. By the time he got back the callers didn’t want to talk anymore.” That was it. This happened in broad daylight and yet three years later there has been nothing. No closure for the family, no justice meted out for Tony and Rosie, and still no results on anything from the DPD. This was a department that showed up in force a few weeks ago for a huge “Justice for Trayvon” rally. They claim that they care about justice, and yet the only justice they care about seems to be for a kid eight states away. The sad reality is that Tony and Rosie are not the exception to the rule. There are hundreds of cases that the DPD has put on blocks. These days they claim that they don’t have the manpower, the financial resources, or the support to close all these cases, yet three years ago they had more resources, more manpower, and more support than they do now. They’d like you to believe that they are a victim of circumstances. The truth of the matter is that the DPD has been hit by just as much corruption as city hall. The last police chief resigned in 2012 after being routed by his second sex scandal since he took office in 2010. Is it any wonder that they have little time to focus on important cases? They will talk a good game about justice, but it’s obvious that justice to the Detroit Police Department is selective. They take the cases they care about and throw the rest away, leaving people like Tony’s mother and hundreds like her, abandoned and left wondering why the very people that have sworn to protect them, have left them to fend for themselves.

Today, Tony Velez and Rosie Chyz should be celebrating the last vestiges of their young adult years. Instead, they are gone, and their families are left wondering why they have been left to suffer without answers. They’ve been left to wonder why the DPD deems it necessary to think so little of two beautiful young people, that they can just sweep it aside and put it out of mind. This brutal, heartbreaking murder took place in broad daylight, yet this case is still hidden in the darkness, ignored by all but those who care the most. Sounds like just another case of DPD justice.

If you have any information regarding the murders of Tony Velez and Rosie Chyz, please contact the Detroit Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP ( 773287) For further questions or information please contact Karen Hubbard at



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