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Stockholm Syndrome Comes To America

July 30, 2013

When I went to bed last night, it was my intention to wake up and write a thoughtful, calm, piece on the current security state here in America. However, when I woke up deaf in my left ear with a migraine, I took it as a sign from the Gods that this should be the long overdue brick to the face you bastards have coming to you. I’ve been told over the last four years that staying calm is the only way to get people to listen to what you have to say. Well, four years later, and you assholes haven’t listened to a fucking word we (liberty movement) have said. If anything, you’ve become more militant in your belief that we are all just a bunch of crackpots. All I can say to that, is that if I’m a crackpot, at least I’m not a crackpot that’s so scared to death of terrorists that I’m willing to have some government thug stranger feel up my entire family, in ways that would otherwise get you tossed in jail for sexual assault, just for the illusion that I will be safe. A few weeks ago I wrote that Mad Cow disease had come to America, but I was so wrong. Right idea, just the wrong diagnosis, what we have here folks is a textbook example of Stockholm Syndrome. You (and your rights) have been taken hostage by your own government. They walked into your house, kidnapped your rights, violated them in the dead of night, and are now holding them ransom. The price? Your undying love and obedience, and you sure as fuck haven’t disappointed. If anything, you have exceeded expectations by a mile and a half. You have made your government overlords very, very happy. In the meantime, those of us who refuse to cave in to our bureaucratic captors, have to suffer through invasive patdowns, “Free Speech Zones,” A fraudulent banking system, and war after war after fucking war. Why? All because you are so afraid that some yakked up jihadist is going to blow your sorry ass to the moon in the name of Allah. I hate to break it to you slick, but in case you haven’t noticed, a few months ago DESPITE the FBI having ample warning, two yahoos set off some backpack bombs at the Boston Marathon. People were maimed, scarred, and killed. Yet you expect this same government to protect you? Are you out of your fucking tree? Please in the name of Baldr explain this insane notion you have, because I don’t get it at all. That’s like asking a rapist to be gentle.

Seriously, how have we fallen this far? Americans used to stand for something. They were hard working, independent, and they would kick your ass if you messed with their families. What happened? Your balls get lost somewhere on the family tree? Grandpa died and took the last of the family courage with him? How can you be so afraid that you are willing to let your children be touched that way by strangers? Do you HONESTLY think it will keep you safe? Do you REALLY think that letting some high school dropout with a GED and a record is going to somehow magically protect you by molesting you? These days you have a better chance of being killed by a cop than you do a terrorist, and yet one is held up as a hero while the other is the National Symbol for the Boogeyman. In all honesty, you could walk outside your house this afternoon, and get hit by a bus, shot by some thug, beaten and maced by a cop, drop dead of a heart attack, get kidnapped, or fall down a manhole while playing Candy Crush with your internet only girlfriend. Despite the risk of ALL those terrible things happening, I don’t see you clamoring for protection from trigger happy cops. The only time you cry out for protection is when the government tells you that terrorists are a threat. Let’s run down a list of terrorist attacks that took place DESPITE all the security measures that we so lovingly subject ourselves to. We’ll start off with the Christmas Bomber. This lovely guy was ON the FBI NO FLY LIST. What that means, is that if the government had actually done its fucking job, this guy NEVER would have made it on an airplane to begin with. Instead, the FBI actually GAVE THIS GUY A PASS and if it hadn’t been for a few pissed off, life loving passengers beating his ass before he could detonate, another senseless tragedy would have taken place. Another plane incident took place with the Shoe Bomber. This guy was red flagged as a terrorist and YET, somehow he was able to secure a student visa from the US Government. Once again, if it hadn’t been for some passengers who took offense at his desire to blow them out of the air, we’d be mourning the loss of yet more Americans. Next up we have the Fort Hood shooter. This was a guy who had been flagged by the base psychologist as being a possible threat. Of course, no one listened to her, because ha ha why would you listen to someone who would know if someone is a threat. At least they didn’t listen to her until he went on a basewide shooting rampage ending up in the deaths of American soldiers. Finally, we come to the Boston Marathon bombers. DESPITE NUMEROUS contacts from Russia saying that these two were trouble, DESPITE the FBI tracking them for two years, DESPITE the government knowing their history, these two clowns still managed to pull off a deadly attack. So the next time you want to tell me that these DHS security measures are necessary, go talk to someone from Fort Hood, or the Xmas bomber flight, better yet, go tell one of the people who lost limbs at the Boston Marathon that government will keep them safe EVEN though the government had the ability to cut it off and didnt.

There are many more examples of governement having prior knowledge of attacks and not stopping them but Im not doing your research for you. Way I look at it, if you don’t get it by the end of this piece, you aren’t going to get it with 10 more examples. I guess all I can say at this point is that if you are so scared of terrorists and so dependent on the governement to keep you safe (even though they dont) then stay the fuck home and dont come out. Live your life in fear and stay behind closed doors if you need to, but STOP fucking it up for the rest of us. If I go to a concert with no security measures and I get blown sky high, I’ll take it as a sign that my number was up. I REFUSE to live in fear and subject myself to invasive searches all because a few of you love the ILLUSION of safety. Your government doesn’t keep you safe, it keeps you dependent. All it wants is your undying love and thanks to your bitch ass fears, they certainly have it. America has become a bully in the eyes of the world but those of us who have been paying attention know better, we are nothing but slaves to fear. A nation of cowards who would rather be bullied into thinking they are safe and free than actually being free. Congratulations Nation, your ancestors would be horrified.


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