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Why Wounded Knee Matters

July 11, 2013

Imagine if you will, waking up one morning to find that a Middle Eastern business man had purchased the land where 9/11 took place. His plans for that land include a hotel, a for-profit museum, and a few souvenir stores. Imagine the amount of unholy outrage that would be raised by the American public. I’m pretty sure a renegade band of Americans would go so far as to destroy the buildings put up once he opened for business. It would be seen as obscene and grotesque, an insult to every man, woman, and child that perished on that land. Yet, when it comes to Wounded Knee and places like it, the only outrage comes from Natives, and that gets laughed at by the media and the government. Wounded Knee is no less important than ‘Ground Zero.” It is a symbol of government treachery and genocide. It is a heartbreaking reminder that we live in a country run by treacherous, evil, lying trolls.

“So what CJ why does this matter?” It matters because in the freedom movement we talk about liberty and justice. We talk about righting wrongs and letting people live the way they want to. The government broke every treaty it has ever signed with the tribal nations. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! They were kicked off land they had settled on, shipped off to reservations or killed, then had everything else they held dear taken out from underneath their feet. “So what at least they have land.” Yeah they do. Ever been to a majority of the reservations around here? They are piss poor literal third world conditions. Education is a rarity and a walk around brings notice to just how broken the spirits of these people really are. Now to be fair, there are reservations that house casinos. Unfortunately all the casinos did was 1. Make them slaves to the banking system and 2. It turned the chiefs of some of these tribes into the very thing they have stood against. You see, the government put in this neat little money loophole in the casino deal. The less people there are on a reservation, the more money the tribe gets. That’s right, the government gives them more money if they have fewer people in the tribe. As you can guess, that has led to people being kicked out of tribes even though said tribe has been home to them for years and years. The government dangled the Money carrot in front of the tribes in what amounts to little more than a bribe, and then they watched as some of the tribes ate themselves.

“Ok, yeah that sucks, but why do you care?” I care because I am a quarter Native. My father was nearly 100% Native American as was his father and his grandfather. I know very little about my birth family as I was adopted but what I do know is that I graduated high school in 1998 making me the highest educated member of my birth family. Reservation life was as much a part of my father’s history as being sold into white slavery was for my birth Mothers Irish family. I care because I can’t honestly claim to be about freedom if I DON’T care about this. We talk about the recent tyranny committed against the American people, but this shit has been going on since the beginning. Andrew Jackson killed the banks, but he also participated in the wholesale slaughter of Indians. Abraham Lincoln “freed” the slaves while at the same time slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Indians. Even Thomas Jefferson had Indians removed from land that they had claimed, all in the name of progress. I care because right now a white man is selling Wounded Knee for 4.9 million dollars. Never in the last 30 years has he even attempted to work with the Sioux to help them get their sacred land back. To him it is all about money. The numerous lives lost there are nothing but ghosts in the past for him. The land is just another giant dollar sign. His souvenir shop and his museum were nothing more than an attempt to make money off the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. I wonder if he’d see that point of view if the “Twin Towers Souvenir Shop and Café” opened up in New York City.


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