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Independence From Independence Day

June 30, 2013

On July 4th, this country is going to boil itself in an impressive display of patriotism in honor of our Forefathers secession from King George the III and England. There will be countless BBQ’s, picnics, fireworks, and all manners of drunken shenanigans. For one day people will wrap themselves in the flag and celebrate all things liberty related. It is for that very reason that I will be staying at home and passing on the 4th of July celebrations. It seems a bit hypocritical to me to celebrate independence, when we are living in the heart of a police state. “But CJ it’s a day to celebrate the founding fathers amazing accomplishments.” Yeah I get that but think about this for a minute. Lets say the ghost of Thomas Jefferson decides to visit on the 4th. Would he be happy with how we have handled their legacy? Would he join in the festivities while drones buzzed on overhead? Would he be proud of the fact that the country he and his fellow countrymen fought so hard for had denigrated into a totalitarian, war happy, foreign land invading, dystopia? On the contrary, I imagine it would break his heart. I imagine he’d have a few harsh words for those who sat idly by while their government destroyed right after right after right.

Lets face it, in our time, we have let the government destroy the Constitution. It was the duty of our grandparents, our parents, and our generations, to keep a vigilant watch over the flames of liberty. We failed miserably. This country represents freedom as much as the KKK represents Cultural Diversity. We have failed to keep even the most basic of rights intact. We stood by while these crooked, evil, bastards had their way with us. Sure we can blame the politicians, after all it’s a far easier path than laying blame at your own feet. Unfortunately the bitter truth is that we let this happen to ourselves. Most people talk a good game but when it comes to action they are nowhere to be seen. There is so much division not just in the country, but in the liberty movement itself. We argue over whether Snowden is a government plant or not as opposed to rallying against the NSA. Instead of coming together on the things we agree on, we like to blast each other over the things we don’t agree on. I now understand the frustrations and anger that Sam Adams, John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson felt when they spent all that time in Philadelphia trying to find some sort of common ground amongst each other. I understand the frustration George Washington felt as he watched helplessly as his ranks shrank in size while his peers in Philly argued incessantly about small, petty things.

What the founding fathers did was nothing short of amazing. They fought against impossible odds and proved to the world that there is no greater battle worth fighting than that of liberty. It seems vile and cruel to celebrate their accomplishments in an age where most of what they gained has been destroyed. The constitution is practically a thing of the past. Something our government can look back on fondly while they continue to spy on us, infest our skies with drones, and rape the rights of every person in this country.

Therefore, this 4th of July, I propose that we celebrate the dawn of a new day. Celebrate an age of new tactics, accountability, and personal responsibility. Let’s stop focusing on our differences and come together on the things we see eye to eye on. Stop looking for someone to lead you and become the leader you have been looking for. Use the spirit of the founders Independence Day to inspire action and change so that one day, in our lifetimes, we may celebrate our own Independence Day.

-CJ Williamson


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  1. Wow! Right on, C.J.! This is a real consciousness-raiser and I am giving it lots of thought. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE WITH THIS BRILLLIANT PIECE OF WORK, AND AM THINKING WE HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WRITER/THINKER IN OUR MIDST! Am wondering what prompted you to go so deep on the subject? I am reading Richard Rohr’s book “Falling Upward” and he says in his introduction “As we grow older we begin to see we are being awakened to deep, simple, and mysterious things we simply could not see when we were younger.” And the neat part is, you are still quite young. Kudos to you, and bless your inquiring heart. Keep awakening and sharing! Love, Sally

    • Hey Sally! Thank you for the words. I think this whole thing stemmed from the sense of Right and Wrong my parents passed down to me 😀 I’ve kind of been pounding this kind of thing for the last four years but it seems a lot of people would rather avoid the subject. I guess it’s a bit easier to deal with life when you dont have to worry about the evils other people are committing. I guess thats just not my style. The way I see it, we are all in this together and it’s almost an obligation to help those around us. Even if that means taking an unpopular stance haha. -CJ

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