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Can’t all of our Flying Spaghetti Monsters just get along?

June 9, 2013

Religion, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Devotion to a deity and the practices of worship can be an extremely enlightening experience for an individual, with benefits that reach beyond the borders of the ritual. It is said through the act of worship, people are able to reach outside of themselves towards the next level of existence, and connect to a higher place of consciousness. “Positive” belief in something outside of self can give a person new perspective on the meaning of their existence, foster the need to care for others, and develop a healthy attitude of forgiveness. Not a bad deal. However, it seems that somewhere along the way, religion went from a “practice” to an organized mafia controlling the minds and money of a people. The power of the individual and our connection with the universe was transferred to the ruling class, who had the power and the resources to forcefully convert a people to whatever deity they desired. Don’t want to convert, hey no worries, we’ll just send to whatever afterlife you beleive in, at no cost to you. Oh, and trust us, we’ll make it a day you, or your culture, will never forget.

The problem really doesn’t lie with religion, or organized religion for that matter. It lies with blind devotion to the dogma, religious superiority, and extremism. At their core, most mainstream religions are the same. There is a super natural deity that we look to for guidance (not necessarily a god, nor someone who claims to be a god, but someone we look to none the less), an adherence to a set of standards to live by, and a set of practices, or rituals that are performed in accordance with the doctrine. When one aspect of religion is held higher than the rest of the dogma, you’re going to have a bad time. Without balance and thought, words and devotion are twisted into excuses that justify the most despicable of actions against a non believer. History is riddled with examples of religious extremism, however, it is also riddled with propaganda pitching one religion against another like puppets of war. Be careful of what you read, believe, and act against; you never know who is pulling your strings and to what agenda they are manipulating you to die for.

Until there is no money or control left in religious extremism, we will continue to be plagued by it’s outsiders. Think before you hop on the bandwagon of religion, and understand you are not special as a believer, and your ideologies do not make you a superior race, nation, or individual. To say your beliefs are superior, on a planet with a population of nearly 7 billion humans, is a lot like your Mom saying your the prettiest girl in a school of nearly 7 billion. It’s a nice thought, but one that is illogical at best.

Until next time, stay well and live free my friends!

Angela The Hunter

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  1. Rob Blake permalink

    Why are your pieces always so short?

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