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The Propaganda Machine

May 25, 2013

“People go where they want to be led.” Edward Bernays

There is a science to controlling the masses, and Edward Bernays can, with most certainty, be credited as a pioneer of mass manipulation. From his “Torches Of Freedom” campaign, to assisting President Coolidge in getting into Oval Office seat, he really has done it all. Even today we are still feeling the effects of his symphony of spin; ALOCA company, I’m looking right you (Google Edward Bernays and his role in the fluoridation of drinking water, and you’ll know what I mean) He knew what buttons to push to convince the public that what ever had the potential to be profitable, was exactly what they needed. Bernays has been credited with starting the women’s rights movement (Torches Of Freedom was aimed at breaking the stereotype of cigarette smoking being a men only club solely to expand the market reach and line the pockets of the Lucky Strikes company), to solidifying the iconic bacon and eggs breakfast as being “the” AM food as a marketing campaign for the Beechwood company. The list goes on. The face of marketing has forever been changed by Bernays and his concepts, and unfortunately, so has the public.

We, as a people, know that we are being brainwashed. We know that we are being convinced on a minute by minute bases, to by foods that are terrible for us, phones that we do not need, wars that are started through lies and deceit, and body images that are ridiculous obtain, much less manage. It is also widely accepted that the main stream media lies and has it’s own agenda, but yet we are all too ready to believe it when “acts of terrorism” and “religious extremism” rule the evening news. Anyone recall reading about the propaganda before Desert Storm? WWII? Or the racial campaigns against African Americans, Native Americans, or the Chinese Interment camps? Even our beloved alcohol and hemp were criminalized over someone losing money due to their existence. You, dear people, are, and have been, manipulated to function on pure emotion which is so much easier to sway, than logical thinkers. Why would someone do this? As always, follow the money trail, and you will find the company or family that will benefit most by an event.

Emotion and logic have their place in life. If you favor one more than the other, you place yourself in the precarious position of being vulnerable to manipulation, that can come from a multitude of sources. Learn balance, exercise self control, and above all, question everything, even my motives for writing this. You will be a far happier and healthier person.


Until next time,

Angela The Hunter



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