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The Socialization of the American Dream

May 11, 2013

Our yo-yo President is a dunce and a fool. He says what he is TOLD to say, he does what he is TOLD to do, and he runs the way he is TOLD to run. In short, Barack Obama is a bitch. That’s right suckfish, welcome to the brutal reality that is American Politics. The average voter cant handle that kind of vicious truth. It gnaws at his mind like some kind of demented hagfish. It keeps him up at night and in some cases causes him to beat his spouse. Of course he will blame the beatings on her inability to take dictation from a douche bag, but we all know the truth. The American voter is slowly becoming unglued and its becoming quite the show.

The last vestiges of the American Dream have been socialized and spread out so that EVERYONE gets an EQUAL cut of the poverty and debt pie. Unless of course you are part of the 1%. In that case, life is beautiful and the rose colored glasses give you a perfect shade of what your life is like. At least until the piss poor public decides its had enough. At that point, the only thing you should worry about is your own skin, because if the American people ever take justice in their own hands the country will be a whirlwind of Wall Street Banker sodomy and lynchings. Not for nothing, but I kind of like picturing the image of a wall street banker or a politician being tied down by a crowd of pissed off plebes and having a flag pole shoved up his ass. Hey, the Flag is still symbolic, even if its busy tickling the inside of a bankers colon.

Jesus…such horrid, violent thoughts on such a peaceful day. I suppose the bankers and politicians have nothing to fear. At least not for the next few years. Despite what Adam Kokesh and his 1,000 gun crew think, the country isn’t ready for a revolution. In fact, the country isn’t even ready for change. If they were I guarantee you Hopey McChange wouldn’t still be in the White House. This country still has blood flowing through its veins. The people in this country still have something to lose, and while their lives are becoming more meaningless and mundane by the day, its still a life and they aren’t ready to give it up. Things wont change until the people in this country have nothing to lose. When that day comes you can bet I will be on the front lines with my guns locked and loaded. 

They say that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Thanks to Dick Cheney and his 84,000 heart transplants, you can cross death off the list. Pretty depressing reality isn’t it? Maybe you should think about changing that reality while you still can. While you still have enough blood to boil. Because once they cut the will out of you, there wont be anything left to do but survive. Not much of a life if you ask me…





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