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The Age of the Psychic Vampire: Who They Are and How To Deal With Them

May 2, 2013

If you’ve read 9 Lives and Counting, you’ll know I spent quite a few years as a (LaVeyan) Satanist. One of the biggest things LaVey wrote about was Responsibility to the Responsible instead of concern for the Psychic Vampire. Believe it or not, when most people hear that term, they think of an undead Madame Cleo. The fact of the matter, is that psychic vampires are just normal flesh and blood people like you and I. There is nothing supernatural about them. Psychic Vampires are labeled as such because they suck the emotional energy out of you. They are like an emotion sucking vacuum cleaner if you will. They make you feel indebted to them even though you have no reason to be. Heres an example: Say you have a friend that lives a distance away, say an hour or more. You make the trip up to see the friend a few times and decide that maybe its time for them to come visit you. When you extend the invitation, you are surprised at the outpouring of excuses they give you as to why they can’t come see you. These include “Its too far away,” or “I’m too busy,” excuses of that nature. This doesn’t happen just once, but pretty much every time you extend the invite. Soon you become agitated that they aren’t willing to reciprocate the effort involved in keeping said friendship. As SOON as you show even a trace of aggravation with them, they suddenly lay on a guilt trip. Before you know it, you are in your car and on your way to see them. THAT is a psychic vampire.

Now that we know what they are, lets dig into how they work. Psychic Vampires keep you in their grasp by giving you materialistic things. One day they may pick up a book for you at a garage sale, or buy you a few flowers, something small of that nature. After all, it’s the small things that matter right? At any rate, these things usually come after you have shown disappointment or agitation at their lack of effort. Suddenly, that book or those flowers make up for that disappointment or agitation. Yet, the one thing that is CONSISTENT with these bastards, is that they will rarely, if EVER, make any efforts that involve work. If you call them because you need help with something, they will have an excuse ready for you. HOWEVER, if you deny their request for help when they need it, look out. In retaliation, when you start to turn down their invites, they will say things like “I’m not worth it?” or “I thought we were friends” or my favorite, “But I miss you.” At that point you begin to feel guilty. You think of the books and the small gifts they’ve given you. Suddenly you feel like you owe it to them to go out there and see them. It’s a constantly repeating cycle and it absolutely sucks the energy out of you. So much so that it can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Pretty sure we have all had a friend or family member that fit precisely into that category.

Now that you have identified your friend or family member as an energy sucking whorebeast, what do you do about it? You figuratively stake it in the heart. The next time you invite them down or ask them to help you with something, and the excuses start rolling in, bring the fucking hammer down. Expose them for what they are and treat them as such. We live on this planet for a very short amount of time. You shouldn’t have to spend even a second of that time feeling indebted to someone because they manipulate the hell out of you. They will act hurt at first and maybe even buy another small gift or two, but eventually they will forget all about you. They will find another person who can be mentally manipulated. Take your life back from these bastards and let them simmer in their own social misery.



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