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But the greatest of these, is Love.

April 18, 2013

Respect. WTF happened to respect? When in society did the concept of love yourself before your neighbor become the norm for everyday living? How have we become so selfish, so savage, and so inhuman that in broad daylight two men involved in a terrible hit and run are mugged first before an ambulance is called? It just appalls me. Oh, and before you start whining about how it’s society’s fault, or it’s the government, or whatever is your flavor of blame-aid, stop it. It’s lack of personal accountability that has gotten us to this point in our culture. It’s not just in Detroit, Indianapolis, or L.A, it’s everywhere. This is the legacy w are leaving behind for our children. A future of blame, guilt, and dependency upon anyone else but themselves to take responsibility for their actions. Bullying and rape is at an all time high amongst our school age kids, doesn’t that tell you something? When have you people had enough of this decay to actually get off of your ass and start changing things?

Change will not happen in the schools, it will not happen at the hand of the government, and it certainly won’t happen in the community until it happens at home. Manners, common decency, and hard work are not dependent upon race, religion, social status, or cash. Anyone who says differently still needs the security blanket that being a victim offers.

We need love again. Not the romantic comedy love that people flock to the box office for. We need genuine love, the kind that replaces malice with tolerance, neediness with self confidence, and hopelessness with determination. Will it be difficult? Of course. Nothing good has ever come easy, or if it does, there is always a catch. That’s just the way life is. But our children didn’t create this mess, we did. Fix yourself. Your worth it. Fix your family, they too are worth it. You’d be surprised at how contagious positive actions are in your life.

Angela The Hunter



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