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The Reverse Psychology of Terrorism in America

April 16, 2013

             I have been sadly watching the news and praying for the victims of the bombings in Boston yesterday and I begin to wonder if terrorism will win. I wonder if those sickos will accomplish their goal and strike fear into our hearts, break down our society and cause a complete destruction of America. I wonder what motivates someone like that, what could they possibly hope to accomplish, what do they want? The media speculates, rumors fly and people start to freak out.  But then through all of this panic and chaos there is a light that shines; people running into the smoke, into the danger to save the injured, risking their own lives to save a stranger. You see police, fire, EMS, our military and average people off the street heading right into the eye of the storm to help save a life.

Then after the initial shock wears off something truly amazing happens to the people of this country. I see it time and again not just with this most recent tragedy in Boston but every time a disaster such as a hurricane or tornado hits, anytime one person decides to play God and tries to end the lives of innocent people. People across this country open up their hearts and lift up their prayers to help those in need. We forget about race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, class and gender; all we see are people like us who need help. We flock to give blood, donate money and goods; we travel to disaster areas giving our time and hard work to help put lives back together. We work side by side, hand in hand to right the wrongs and rebuild the lives that have been ripped apart.

In the face of terrorism we get angry and stand together, we do not fall apart and cower in our homes, we hug our families a little tighter then put on our work gloves and do something about it. After Pearl Harbor we did not throw up the white flag and surrender, we dusted ourselves off and blew up Japan. After 9/11 we did not turn the other cheek and let the Al Qaeda run amuck because we were scared, we hunted them down and made them pay for what they did. Whatever goal these idiots have in mind has been proven not to work, it only makes us furious and unites a people who most of the time can’t agree on anything.

 You may think I have too much faith in my fellow man, you may think we are a society that cares only for ourselves and saving our own asses. In times like this when you have more people helping than hiding it shows you that we still have guts, heart and compassion for our neighbors and strangers and gives a glimmer of hope for our future. That someday we may be able to have this shared purpose and brotherhood at every moment and our children will grow up in a world we only experience at times of great human tragedy. It is moments like this when we see what we are made of and I am proud to be an American. I pray for the victims and their families, that they may find peace and that we may find the assholes responsible for this cowardly act.

-Nicole Schmidt

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