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America’s Pledge Problem

April 15, 2013

When I was a kid, every school day started off the same way. The teacher would take attendance and then we would all stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. This practice always seemed a bit strange to me but given that I wasn’t old enough to understand, I went ahead with it anyway. Today, the Pledge has become a rallying cry for patriotic Americans of all colors and sizes. The Pledge is second only to the “If you don’t like it, then leave!” rallying cry that runs rampant through the county. So why is it such a problem? Well, the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a man named Francis Bellamy in 1892. Bellamy was a Baptist minister and a SOCIALIST. The Pledge was published in an issue of the children’s magazine The Youth Companion on September 8th as part of a national public school celebration for the Anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of America. The event was concocted by a half -wit grasshopper dick named James Upham as a marketing event to instill the idea of nationalism in the public by using the Pledge as a way to sell flags.

“I fail to see the issue CJ.” The issue is this: we live in a country that despises socialism. Socialists in America have a better chance of surviving a shark attack than they do of getting any respect here in the states. YET, the National Pledge (which by the way, wasn’t even made official until the Patriotic wave of 1942) was written by and marketed by a Socialist. It seems odd to me that a country that is so Anti-socialism would use a socialists words as one of its greatest traditions.  That’s not even the best part of this story though. The best part comes in the form of the Bellamy salute. The Bellamy salute was used as the pledge was being recited. Woodrow Wilson made it mandatory for every school in America to use said salute when reciting the pledge. The salute consisted of the right arm being outstretched at an upward angle. You may know it better though as the Nazi salute. Once Hitler started running rampant over in Germany, the salute was dropped in favor of the right hand over the heart.

“But CJ it has the word God in it!” Now it does yes. It didn’t always. In fact, for the first 62 years it existed, the word GOD was nowhere to be seen. That didn’t take place until Congress voted on it in 1954. So no, the original pledge didn’t have the word God in it. Which is interesting, because nowhere in my school years did anyone EVER ask where the pledge came from. It has been taken as an American tradition since the foundation of the country. The fact of the matter is that it was written over a hundred years after the country was founded, and it was written as essentially a marketing tool. Maybe after reading this some of you Pledge honks will take a minute to think before blindly following something that had nothing to do whatsoever with Freedom or Liberty.

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