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God And Freedom (Guest Post)

April 10, 2013

 I have been noticing a lot of hostility, anger, and disgust over Christians in these dark times. With that being said I myself am a Christian. I live in the middle of the belt and i myself hold the same hostility and anger towards just about every religious establishment in this world. The word religion is in the bible 4 times, 3 times its a bad thing.

I consider myself a libertarian. There is nothing more in this world that i love than my freedoms. Freedoms that are being sucked away and in a lot of cases given away because most are to damn ignorant to see what is happening. True this country was founded with a lot of Christian ideology in mind, basic moral principles, but separation of church and state exists for good reason. Churches use that to stay tax exempt, people who want abortions use it, gays wanting to be married use it but dammit man that’s not what it is about. Churches have sold themselves so they can have more profit. They separated from the state in that aspect… what right do they have in any other aspect of government? Not a damn one. I have a right to worship my God. I don’t have the right to cram my beliefs down someones throat. We still have freedom of religion here don’t we? If a woman wants to get an abortion what right do i or anyone else to stop her. Do i think government should fund it? No. But you can’t stop it, you can’t control a woman’s body. Religion should not have any influence on legislation in any way shape or form, but do not take my tax dollars and use it for something I don’t agree with.

We are all going to have to come together to salvage what we can of this once great nation. Unity is what we need. Together we will stand, divided…. we more than fall. Jesus came to free sinners. Who did he have his problems with? Bankers, politicians, and the priest of the time. They are the ones who had him crucified. Does that sound just a little familiar. Its funny how the same things he fought against is what is slowly eating this country alive. I guess my point is please don’t think of all Christians in a bad light. We are all not so, and when the time comes we will stand next to our brothers and sisters of any faith to save what we can.



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