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Addicted To Leadership

April 6, 2013

Why are we obsessed with leaders?

It seems that every time a political leader falls, we MUST replace this point of light with another to feel complete.  No matter how you say it, during the elections Ron Paul was replaced in the polls with a more palatable party representative, Gary Johnson, with Rand Paul waiting in the wings for his moment once the infatuation with Mr Johnson faded (which happened right on cue). Now on the lips of the Libertarian party drips the name of Rand Paul, the new party savior. Look, where in life were we taught a single individual was needed to rescue “we the people”? Civilization has been a tribal one, even if on the smallest scale, for thousands of years.  Our version of political evolution has been to take a failed idea, and then build upon it. Then watch it burn, and try the same idea again. Then discredit anyone who points out the futility of following the same pattern, and then try the same damn thing again. I bet I could get an “AMEN” from Jesus right about now.

In the natural world (the one that was around before Mr. Opposable Thumbs came along) when a life form is unable to keep up with the changing environment, or evolve, it is taken out of the food chain. Life responds to its environment, not the other way around.  A revolution is a 180 degree movement back to the starting point. This nation has already its infamous “revolution”, which put us squarely back under heavy taxation, class warfare, and legislature approved predation of Citizens for speaking out against the ruling class.  History does repeat itself, of this you can surely believe.

Unfortunately, there are so many that are dependent upon the system, it’s terrifying to think of living any other way.  Those who are elderly on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, at this point in their lives, really have no other place to turn, for now. That is why those who can do something must. We need to strengthen the foundation of what we are preaching, which will only be accomplished by working together. It’s time to stop the division that the propaganda machine keeps washing over us. The enemy is not each other, it is fear.  Fear of change, fear of failure, and fear of the government declaring us terrorists so they can take what little we have in the name of “public safety”.  What does one does when they are afraid? Face it, head on. Even the stoutest Turtle shell can be cracked by the carnivore’s teeth, so withdrawing into your own little world does not guarantee protection.

Angela The Hunter

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