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Keep Your God Out Of My Freedom

April 2, 2013

This country has a serious self-image problem. It likes to run around like a crazed wookie, calling itself a democracy whilst at the same time bombing brown people, legislating vaginas, and telling Gays how much God hates them. There is a word for what America has become, and it is definitely NOT Democracy. I’m more inclined to aim the arrow at the word Theocracy. Now before you get your saintly panties in a bunch, let me explain something. This country legislates things based on Biblical Morals. The only problem, is that the bible is mainly full of shit. I realize there are people who take it as the honest to God truth and that nothing has ever been changed or deleted. Mind you, these are the same people that think the Earth is only 10,000 years old and that Jesus rode Velociraptors.  These people believe that our country should be run according to Biblical law and yet most of them don’t know biblical law from a hole in the ground.

How often do you hear “We need God back in schools” on a daily basis? I hear it at least twice a day. After having been kicked out of Catholic School for asking too many questions, I can tell you 100% that the LAST thing we need, is God back in schools. We are already facing a downward spiral of the dumb problem, we don’t need to turn that into a crisis. I hear people saying things like “Jesus hates fags” and it makes me wonder just how many people actually pay attention to the very religion they claim to speak for. You see, contrary to what a lot of the fundamentalist assholes say, Jesus hung out with the sinners. His friends were prostitutes, tax collectors, loners, and people that were considered the degenerates of their time. He befriended the friendless and loved the scorned. His only serious issues seemed to be with bankers and politicians. I’m pretty sure if Jesus came back to Earth today, he would be stunned to see how far his fan club has fallen. Maybe that’s why he keeps skipping the “End of the World” dates we keep hearing about?

Alright wise guy you’ve spent two paragraphs on religion what the hell does that have to do with freedom? Ah, glad you asked. You see, freedom is the ability to live ones life without being told what and how to do it. With freedom, consequences come as a direct result of your own actions, not as a result of someone else’s actions. You are responsible for your own success, your own failures, and most importantly your own happiness. The whole point of religion on the other hand, is to suppress that. Suddenly you are no longer able to be who you are. If you are gay, well you are ostracized and considered evil, if you are a Woman, well, religion wants full control of your uterus.  Unlike freedom, you are no longer allowed to live how you want to live. You are allowed to live the way the Church wants you to live. If you don’t like that, too bad, suck it up buttercup because the Bible knows best.

Now, I realize, that this could be seen as just an attack on Christianity. It’s not. Its an attack on people who think that just because they follow a book, the rest of us should have to as well. It’s a pretty interesting mindset considering how fearful these people are of falling under Sharia rule. It’s the beautiful American mindset of do what we say, not what we do. We get angry at countries who rule by Muslim law and yet we have no problem here of injecting the bible into the laws of this land. Well, I’m sick of it. This is precisely the reason I left Organized Religion in a ditch, to bleed out and die a slow painful death. You have no right to tell me how to live my life, and you ESPECIALLY have no right to tell me how to live based on a book I don’t even believe in. One of these days the Fundamentalists are going to find out that you can only push so far. Like I mentioned earlier, freedom means consequences come from your actions alone. You might want to remember that the next time you push for laws that eliminate the rights of the people.

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