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A Love Letter to the President

March 12, 2013

Dear Mr. President,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful job you have done on royally screwing this country. In your years as president you have succeeded in increasing and perpetuating laziness to a degree that the only people who are making a living are those on welfare. You give hand outs, not to help those in need, but to keep them lazy, dependant and compliant, so they support you with the promise of more. You have alienated and punished the middle class, who if you don’t know makes up the large majority of this country. You have brilliantly created mindless, baseless terror and turned what was once a unified country with a clear goal of fighting terrorism and supporting our neighbors into a people who are afraid of their own shadows. You have bombarded us with invisible enemies and threats to the point that we allow our children to be violated by TSA agents before we take them to Disney World.

You and your goon squad (a.k.a Congress) have legislated and voted the downfall of the American people. The only thing missing now is public stoning of rape victims and the hacking off of children’s limbs so they cannot fight against you. You have put your own interests and greed above the lives of the people who have sworn to represent. You have labeled your own people as “home grown terrorists”; not because we are, but because you are afraid of what the people will do once backed into a corner. Who gets to decide who these terrorists are? You? Will I be labeled one for speaking out against a corrupt government? I will proudly bear that title and stand up for myself, my rights, my family and my country, because that is what you consider a terrorist now.

Sequestering and budget cuts are just fancy talk for the fact that not one of you understands basic math. You cannot spend $10 when you only have $5, you cannot act like a baller; giving away billions to your friends when you can’t pay your own bills. You threaten us with cuts to basic services in hope that we will gladly reach deeper into our pocket books turning over more and more of our hard earned money, when it is you that needs to get your shit together. It is you who wastes billions of dollars a year, not the American people. We pay our taxes and in return get shit on when you can’t figure out where it all went.  I can tell you right now where 536 budget cuts can be made in addition to the billions of our dollars that you are sending overseas to countries that don’t need it. All so you can play the hero of the world while the people of this country suffer.   

You spy on us through the media, the internet and our social sites and threaten us with drones, only someone who is paranoid and up to no good would consider such drastic things. You say it is for our “safety”, but the only thing you are protecting is yourself. You are afraid of people like me who speak out against you, who are tired of this communist state we seem to have woken up in. Our fore father’s gave to us a set of rights, rights so we may protect ourselves from just such a person and government. I am using my first amendment right to let you know you have kicked the hornets’ nest one too many times. I will use my second amendment right to protect my home and family if it comes to that, nowhere in there does it give you the right to tell me how or with what I am able to do that. You are slowly trying to whittle away at those as we speak; taking away our right to speak out against you, to defend our families from a government who seems hell bent on enslaving its people. I have no doubt that if you are allowed to continue at your current pace by the end of your reign of terror you and your cronies will have set this country back a hundred years or more. We may more resemble North Korea than the beacon of freedom and the super power that we once were.

This is not your country and we are not your people; this is our country, our neighbor’s country, our children’s country and you have forgotten one very important thing in your tyrannical power grab, you work for us. You have no authority, no power unless we, the American people, say you do. Your pink slip is coming, maybe not today or tomorrow but it is coming. It is time to take out the trash and take back our country. We have been lazy and content to let our government run our lives for far too long. We have let you tell us what to do claiming you have our best interest at heart and been fooled for the last time. This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors and it is time to honor their memory and the vision they worked so hard to achieve. All I need is my one voice, my one idea to inspire another and so on, so that soon your days in the White House are but a distant memory.


Yours truly,

Nicole Schmidt (a.k.a. A Bastard)


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  1. Steve permalink

    Seriously though resign you cant fix this

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