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An Open Letter to the Sheeple

March 7, 2013

The last few days I have found myself renting space in a dimension of anger and rage I never knew existed. At first I thought it was because I cut out all the crap food in my life cold turkey and started suffering cravings. Then I realized that it went a bit deeper than that. After a ton of soul searching and a few nights of heavy thought I have come to a decision. That decision is to stop giving a fuck what happens to you. That’s right, from now on I will no longer bother you with posts or articles aimed at trying to get YOU to pull your wooly head out of your wooly ass. Instead, my focus is going to be on people who actually care about things NOT related to Jersey Shore, Honey BooBoo, and fucking productive members of society with laziness and an insane entitlement mindset.

As much as I hate politicians, and believe me that is a strong hate, I actually hate you fuckers more. You sit around your houses expecting other people to take care of you, while bringing absolutely nothing of worth to the table. You sit in your circle of ignorance and watch as right after right gets stripped away from all of us. Children are being drone bombed over seas, our economy is about to implode, we are involved in a ridiculous war on terror, and an even daffier war on drugs. Good, honest Americans, are being put on terror watch lists for believing in the constitution. People are being hurt in this country in all sorts of ways because of our tyrannical government, but you don’t care do you? No, you have your mouth firmly attached to Uncle Sam’s tit and you could care less about the sufferings of people around you. As long as your selfish ass is taken care of, who cares what happens to the rest of the people in this country. You sit safely tucked away in your world of reality shows and intellectual poverty, watching while the rest of the country burns. That is unforgivable.

I realize the main taglines of the “Liberty” movement deal with loving one another and changing the world one heart at a time. I agree. To an extent. I have no love for anyone that stands idly by while people around them suffer. In fact, if anything, its going to be my hatred for you that continues to fuel my fire in this world. It will make me work harder, write faster, and speak louder. Just so that when things hit the fan and everyone around you is helping each other, you will understand why you are on an island alone. You will understand why your presence is ignored and you are left to fend for yourself. At that point, I hope you gain an appreciation for those who do help others. Maybe, just maybe, if it gets bad enough and you become stigmatized enough, you will finally reach out a hand in order to help a neighbor. Until then, I will see you for what you are, an ignorant, intellectually empty, morally bankrupt, selfish fuck. One way or another the veil will be lifted from your ignorant eyes. You control the manner in which that veil gets lifted. I’d suggest taking the self imposed option before you find yourself on the outside looking in.



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