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The Silent Bastard speaks

March 6, 2013

In one part of the USA, a six-year-old child is picked up from a shop by the police for the crime of wandering around without parental supervision. Incidentally, this isn’t a crime at all. The police refuse to return the child to her parent’s custody until they are contacted by CPS with orders to do so. See here
Elsewhere, a child is suspended from school for eating a pop tart that, with a massive stretch of the imagination, looks vaguely gun-shaped.

What do these two events (and many others happening all over the country) have to do with each other? Very little in and of themselves, but in the long run they lead to the same thing: a generation of people who’ve been raised to believe the law and its enforcement agencies should not be questioned under any circumstances.

I’m certainly not going to accuse the US government of trying to make this happen intentionally, if only because I don’t credit them with having the intelligence for that kind of forward thinking. But that’s where it’ll end if children keep being hit with this kind of legal idiocy.

There are degrees of psychological development that people go through over the course of their lives, and one of these involves maturing to the point that outside influences such as law become unnecessary, as the person can judge for themselves what is right and wrong. People who society raise to never question the law are never going to reach that point of psychological development, and that’s a tragedy for both the individual and the society.

I can’t do much about this from where I am. All I can do is encourage you: speak out against this utter bullshit when you see it happening. Teach your children that the law is not infallible, and warrants questioning. When law enforcement cannot justify their actions they’re nothing but bullies with guns, and these days they’re finding it harder and harder to justify themselves.

– The Silent Bastard.

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