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Open Letter To Detroit

March 5, 2013

As a native Michigander, I can say with great conviction, that I love this state. I love the people, I love the landscape, and I love the amazing family and friends I have that reside here. That includes Detroit, a great city full of hard working, everyday kind of people that love their rock-n-roll, their football, and their cars. Unfortunately the city that has given so much, is now nothing but a shadow of it’s former self, with many of it industries skipping town for greener tax pastures and less corruption. What you see on the news, is nothing compared to what is felt once you step onto a sidewalk in any area of neighborhood of Detroit. The air is heavy with frustration, apathy, and bitterness. Many factors have contributed to this industrial “symphony of destruction” and it’s time for a reboot.
Detroit’s auto and manufacturing industry helped make this country, at one time, a financial giant, although not without cost. Now, when you look at the Detroit skyline, it looks back at us with despair and hopelessness. You see miles of abandoned factories, once alive and vibrant with the sound of production, now dormant and left to rot. You see entire neighborhoods that are full of boarded up houses lost to banking greed, empty schools and playgrounds blanketed by a deafening silence, and jaded faces of residents that are at the mercy of violent crime and crippling poverty. The city can not even afford to keep the street lights on, police on the streets, or keep enough schools open so that kids can sit one to a chair. Now, Lansing is declaring you folks to be in an “Financial Crisis” worthy of blesses-ed intervention. What was their first clue, I wonder as I read over the unemployment statistics, debt, and violet crimes rates. Thanks.
So I guess my letter here is to say, Detroit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the only way this city is going to turn around, is by the sweat of the people. It will only be by the removal of inept and corrupt politicians, by kicking the government out of your neighborhoods, and starting over, community by community. It will only happen by taking care of each other. Turn abandoned lots into community gardens to grow your own food, shop locally to support your local economy, empower Neighborhood watch programs with privatized security to reduce crime. The current system has failed, miserably, it’s time to take back what is rightfully yours. You put your trust in corporations, governments, and out of date Unions who swore they would take care of you. Where are they now?

Angela The Hunter


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