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The Trojan Man is Ruining Our Kids

March 4, 2013

            Sex on TV, nudity has become common place, models in bathing suits or less covering every magazine and ads for Viagra, condoms, sex toy stores and even lingerie football for Christ’s sake! Everywhere you look, all the time at every hour of the day and every channel we our lives are saturated with sex. Our overly sexed society is ruining our children; they have sex in middle school, 12 year old girls looking and dressing like prostitutes and 12 year old boys thinking this is the way it should be. This is no longer about your 14 year old daughters crush or having the “birds and bees” talk with your son when he enters high school, this is a sickening trend in our society. We everyday expose children at younger ages to an increasingly liberal sexual world and think that it has no impact on them, that it does not warp their minds and create a false image of what love is and what constitutes true beauty. They are still growing, taking their cues on how to act from us. We give them sex education in elementary school now instead of censoring ourselves and our depraved entertainment. We bombard them with TV that more resembles porn, we show them at every turn half naked models and celebrities and then want them to accept and be happy with their own bodies. We create complexes in our girl’s who then starve themselves, dress and act like sluts and then expect them to grow into a young lady. How? We want them to find a nice young man, but the young men are just as screwed up! Girls learn that they have no worth unless they have a boy around and boys learn they can treat a girl anyway they want and she will still stick around. They trade partners more often than kids 50 years ago traded baseball cards. They watch TV and movies with impossibly sexual women who have no mind of their own, who put out on the first date and know every sexual position imaginable. They then go out in the real world and think that this is the way all women should be, that it is how your daughters should be and your daughters will do it because if they don’t they know there are 10 other girls who will!!

            We have television shows like “16 and Pregnant” instead of “I shot my daughter’s boyfriend for trying to get in her pants”. Things like this have become mainstream, acceptable, even celebrated. Very rarely do young mothers break the mold, finish high school or even mature past their teens when things like this happen. I have seen both in my lifetime, some make great mother’s and being young has nothing to do with it but I have also seen the other extreme, the more likely scenario where the flounder the rest of their lives just trying to make it by. We have a generation of fatherless children because mostly these young punks who can certainly father children are incapable of actually raising one.  We are encouraging generations of immature baby factories whose low IQ’s and low self-esteem will only perpetuate the cycle. I have no doubt if we continue to allow this to happen we will see great-grandparents in their 40’s. You can easily find commercials on TV and products in stores to determine the paternity of children, you have talk shows whose whole series runs on finding out who the daddy is. How can we continue to let this happen? We pride ourselves on being a very smart, cultured and advanced society but when it comes to sex and our kids; we are stupid!

We have forgotten how to talk to our kids about sex and let the media, schools and their friends fill them in on the details. We no longer teach our children their own self worth, the value of their own body, their own mind and strength they possess to avoid peer and societal pressure. We no longer threaten girls with disease, single parenthood and convents to keep them from having sex and dressing like sluts. We don’t show them how acting stupid, slutty and loose will only land you as a single mom or in a horrible relationship. We don’t teach our boys the value of a “good girl”, how stupid they look with their pants around their legs, speaking about chicks and babes, looking for boobs instead of brains and how treating girls like livestock only succeeds in making them look moronic and uneducated.  We don’t teach them about protection or birth control and let them know just what will happen to them if they break the rules. We have no idea where they are or even who they are with half the time. Our apathy towards our children and protecting their innocence has reached a sad, new low. It is obvious that in this sexed up world we can only protect them from so long but we should be the ones to expose them to this and teach them what is real and what is just fake Hollywood glamour. You can educate them about it without destroying their self esteem, giving them false ideas and them running out to lose their virginity tomorrow. It is not up to anyone but a parent to educate children about sex, to show them they are beautiful no matter what TV says and that sex is not the answer to everything. It is your job to teach them there is value in their virginity and in them using their brain more than their bodies. It is your job to educate your children and in this task America, you have failed miserably.


-Nicole Schmidt


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