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Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying, The Choice Is Yours

February 22, 2013

Why Leave a Good Looking Corpse?


Back when I was going through chemo for Kidney Cancer, it wasn’t unusual for the subject of death to come up in conversation. Most people felt slightly uncomfortable bringing the subject up, which, I always found slightly humorous. The main issue concerning death with these people wasn’t the fear of death, but what people would say about their corpse during the visitation. When I showed surprise at that kind of thinking, they made mention of how the corpse looks nothing like the person. It got me thinking and after a day or two I realized that of all the things to be worried about concerning death, that was the dumbest thing to be concerned about. Where in the hell did this idea come from that you are supposed to leave a good looking corpse? You know what I think when I see a good looking corpse? I think, Jesus, this is a motherfucker that didn’t know how to live life. I decided early on in life that when I round the bases of life, I want to slide into home plate full of piss and vinegar, looking like I just went 18 rounds with George Foreman. When I die, I want to be rolled into the morticians office and I want him to look at my lifeless shell and say “Now that right there is a son of a bitch!” No offense but I don’t plan on leaving much left for you guys to gawk at during a visitation. If I die before my body starts to naturally break down, the autopsy is going to read like an adventure novel. It will be open casket regardless of whether I look like a mushed mess or not. Why? Because I want you fuckers to see what a well worn, well lived corpse looks like. If for some reason I live to see my body start to break down, you wont have to worry about a casket because I wont leave a corpse behind. You’ll know if this is the case, cause one day you’ll turn on the news and see a story about some crazy old man who lined his trunk with dynamite and drove off a cliff while yelling “FUCK YOU SONS OF BITCHES IM TAKING THE EXPRESS ROUTE!”

I realize right about now you might be wondering why I’m talking about death. The answer is simple. Most people that focus on death, forget to live life. We are on this ball of dirt for an insanely small amount of time. Live every minute of that time because its more precious than you know. During my cancer days, I watched young kids get cut down before they even knew what life really was. I saw people who had been diagnosed, spend their time lamenting the life they wanted to lead, but didn’t. Unless you’ve done it, you cant comprehend the ugliness of talking to a cancer patient in their 70’s who has a heart full of regret because they didn’t live life to the fullest. This is your time, your stage. You live this life once and if you don’t make the most of your present, you’ll resent your future. Instead of rounding life’s bases at a slow trot, run those motherfuckers like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do, because I can promise you, it is. Instead of worrying about leaving some pasty ass “good looking” corpse behind, take pride in the fact that when you die people will talk about how you grabbed the bull by the balls and humped it into submission.


When you get to that finish line at the end of your days, you should be thoroughly exhausted and ready to go, not regretful or scared. Live it while you can, because before you know it, the ride will be over.



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