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My Crystal Ball

February 21, 2013

            Nostradamus has predicted the coming of what we so affectionately call the “Antichrist”, within our lifetime it seems. I truly believe that our society is ripe for just such an event to occur, for someone to sweep in and turn the world against each other, to lead us to our ultimate destruction all the while we are left wondering what just happened. History has shown us that such people have existed that with some flair, the right words and the right connections that they can essentially take over the world. Napoleon, Hitler, Kim Jong Il and many more corrupt leaders have come to power through preying on the weakness they saw in the people. They used intimidation, lies and a smile to turn hoards into mindless zombies doing their bidding without question. We have been shown time and again that our ignorance makes us prime targets for con men. There were soothsayers who convinced person after person, town after town that the concoction they were selling cured everything. They prayed on our ignorance of science and medicine, they prayed on our faith in fellow man to show us they “truly cared”. In Salem, Mass. through fear and blind stupidity people were convinced to hunt down their neighbors, their sisters and mothers accused of being witches. The only evidence against them being coincidence and the word of another, for that they hung them and burned them alive. We prove time and time again how gullible we are, how easily someone can convince us of things that go against our very moral fiber.

            If you take a good look at how these people were able to mastermind such an evil plan you start to see a pattern. Uneducated, isolated, fearful and suspicious societies were easily manipulated because they did not know any better. Kill those who question you and soon all you have left are the followers and the fear they may be next. North Korea is the most modern and unequivocally prime example of how this tactic is not only a reality but a very effective tool. Every aspect of their lives is controlled, planned for them and designed to keep the current regime in absolute power. Everything from the shows they watch, the books they read, to the people they allow to enter and exit the country is controlled by one man who as his people have been brainwashed to believe a god. Why, do you ask that I bring this up? Whether we realize it or not the American people have self imposed this same sort of ideal. We pride ourselves on how knowledgeable we are when it comes to celebrity gossip and fashion trends but most have no idea where North Korea even is. We are so suspicious yet at the same time so blind to those we have elected to run our country, as long as they leave us alone we could care less what they are doing. We are so plugged in and wired we have lost touch with reality, we have no idea who are neighbors are and even the people that live in our homes with us have become strangers. We have stopped questioning the world around us, stopped learning, and stopped challenging ourselves to grow. We have isolated ourselves by giving into the idea that we are superior to the rest of our fellow man. We shun their opinions and mock their ideas, this is not just an American problem but a global pandemic of closed mindedness.

We have more “reality” shows than news programs, news programs that no longer show actual news because they now compete with fictional television for ratings instead of informing the public. The only books we read are the ones required for us to graduate high school, the only time we care about what our government is doing is when they raise taxes. We have shows and specials on TV dedicated to how stupid we have become. We have a sickening problem of taking everything we read on the internet as absolute fact, “They can’t put it on the internet if it wasn’t true”. We have lost the ability to think for ourselves to absorb information and apply our own knowledge to it to come up with what is most likely the truth, we have forgotten how to read between the lines. Our government, our media, even our religions use fear to control and manipulate us to listen and follow. The more uneducated we allow ourselves to become, the less we question things around us the more fearful we become. We have become dangerously like the people I have mentioned, we have all by ourselves created the perfect storm, the perfect opportunity for this prophesy to become reality. China conducting cyber warfare, Arab nations self-imploding taking as many down with them as possible all while North Korea plots to blow up the world, seems more like the plot to a cartoon than the world we are currently residing in.

With the right words and what seem to be credible facts someone could possibly get us to murder puppies and children if they could give us tax cuts and lower gas prices. One charismatic person could lead us blindly to slaughter and we would be none the wiser. I have consulted my crystal ball and have seen the grim future we all will share. These are the reasons that I have no doubt in my mind at how easy it would be for this “Antichrist” to more or less take over and destroy our world; we have done so much of it for him already. I challenge you to tear this apart, tell me why I am wrong, how this could never possibly happen. But realize this, while you are trying to prove me wrong you are thinking about these issues and the world we live in and that my friends is our master plan ;). 


-Nicole Schmidt

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