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None Of Your Damn Business

February 20, 2013

Remember when you were a kid, and you would walk into a room, and see your Mom and Dad discussing something quietly, just out of ear shot? Maybe they were discussing your grades, dinner plans, or if it was still cost effective to the family to keep you around. Who knows. However, when they would notice you were listening, the first thing they would tell you was to go play, and that what they were discussing was between them, or basically it was none of your business. They were teaching you boundaries. Boundaries are the foundation of healthy relationships, be it romantic, parental, or friendship. They help you to know and understand what is acceptable behavior, and what is not, just by the reaction you receive when you cross the line with someone. There is a difference between grabbing a beer out of your buddy’s fridge, and drinking the whole damn case. The first action is normally acceptable, the second normally invokes bodily harm.

We know the benefits of respecting boundaries. However, as a society, we are not PROTECTING our boundaries against the ever increasing encroachment of the government. Our poisonous “nanny” is monitoring every keystroke, every text, every Facebook page “like” in the hopes of catching the rascally terrorists that seem to be popping up like daises here in America. Not only that, but invasion of our privacy is so common, so accepted, that when you do protest, people treat you like your some crazy conspiracy theorist. Go ahead, tell the poor cashier at Best Buy you don’t want to get them your phone number, and watch them either crumble or get pissed. Whatever, me and my tinfoil hat will shop elsewhere thank you very much.

In all seriousness, what has this lack of privacy gotten us? Are we more safe, more educated, or more civilized as a society? Just read the latest headlines that have been vomited out for public viewing by the propaganda machine, and your questions are answered far better than my rant could. With every allowed encroachment on the boundaries of privacy, we are telling the world that we no longer can decide for ourselves what is appropriate human behavior.  We are also no longer responsible for our behavior since we now are told by the Government what to say, feel, and think about any given situation. Why would I hold myself accountable for acting as a decent human being, when from my very birth I have been monitored like a criminal? Why would I care about my neighbor, when I am told there is more to profit from “See Something, Say Something” than minding my own business? Lack of privacy, lack of boundaries is leading to a society that lacks respect. You’re seeing a pattern unfold before your eyes. Now what are you going to do about it?

Angela The Hunter

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  1. teri mcintyre permalink

    Angela,great first article.You will fit right in here.I enjoyed reading this very much.WELCOME

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