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Judgement Free Zone

February 19, 2013

“Never judge a book by its cover” “Treat others how you would want to be treated” We have all heard these phrases more times than we can count but still our society lacks basic compassion and understanding for anyone we see as below us or somehow different. We are led to believe that by the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the schools we go to or the ideals we hold that somehow we are “better” or more superior than our neighbors, other people, even our own families. We are told that we have to look a certain way, act a certain way and believe certain things in order to be accepted. We raise generation after generation of people who care more about the name tag on their clothes than the strength of their backbone and the capacity of their heart. By the commercials and shows on television to the ads and articles in papers and magazines we are bombarded by how we should look and act. Even our religions teach us that we are superior to those who don’t believe, have different gods, don’t share our fundamental beliefs or choose lives different than what we think they should be living. We need to look like Barbie, follow orders like a Nazi, be smart but be stupid and so many other things that we know there is no way we can ever hope to attain this picture of human perfection in our lifetime. We are made to feel so bad about being ourselves that we turn on others; judging them and convincing ourselves we are better, all the while failing to realize there are a hundred other people doing the same to us.

From the day I was born I was taught to treat everyone equally, you are no better than anyone else and I hold that ideal in the highest regard to this day. I have been privilege to some of the most amazing stories from the most unlikely covers. I have, over the years, met some of the kindest, smartest, happiest, most talented, giving and amazing people living in the body of what society would have you think to be “undesirable”. We pass this on to our children making little girls hate their bodies and little boys feeling the need to be stupid and athletic in order to be accepted. We are not born with judgment in our eyes and prejudice in our hearts, we are taught this and it is the same thing we teach our children. You teach them to look down on the chubby kid, the kid whose clothes are worn and outdated, the kid who does not have the latest electronics or who speaks and looks differently than them. We teach division and class warfare, we teach hate and prejudice and day after day we perpetuate the cycle. By our actions and our words we teach this to our children, never realizing that they are going to be subject to the same scrutiny and ridicule that we think we are above.

We need to start looking beyond the fairy tale, to teach our children and ourselves that different is okay, different is beautiful and different is good. You look at the things in this world that we consider to be the most valuable and the most precious, they are things that are unique, one of a kind and most often flawed. We collect them, stick high price tags on them, put them in museums and art galleries but we continually fail to apply the same idealism to the people around us.  We need to realize no one is perfect and trying to be will only grow hate; hate for ourselves and those we judge. Everyone is unique, vital and important to this world. We all have something to contribute, something to leave behind for the next generation; kindness being the most important. Our differences allow us to grow and learn, they challenge beliefs and systems and keep the world moving forward. Everyone no matter the color, class, gender or religion is a very vital part of this world and it is time we start to act like it.

-Nicole Schmidt

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