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The Art of Losing A Gasket or (How I Learned To Relax and Love Productive Anger)

February 13, 2013

Last night, on the weekly radio show I do with two of my fellow bastards, I absolutely blew a gasket during a portion of the show. The topic at hand was an article written by some yoyo who not only started out with an absurd scenario, but continued to spout a completely moronic viewpoint. This guy started out with the circumstance that tanks would be rolling down your street, flanked by Marines, who would be going house to house collecting guns. He then proceeded to say that if anyone tried to fight back during this scenario, they were nothing but dumb fools who would end up laying in a pool of their own blood. Whole lotta fear going on here right? So I emailed this gentleman and asked him if he would like to join us on our show. I was met with a terse and quite rude response, which led to my blow up last night. I’ve always believed that if you are going to put something out there for the public eye, you DAMN WELL better be prepared to defend it when people come calling. Not only would he not stand behind his “piece,” he was a dick about it. So, when the topic came up on the show I naturally lost my head about it. I verbally fist fucked this guy on air and afterwards I felt a need to apologize to our listeners for pulling an Alex Jones. However, I woke up this morning and realized I did nothing worth apologizing for. When you work as hard as we all do at trying to get people to pay attention to the world around them, its only natural that at some point you are going to need an emotional release. It is not only absurd, but impractical to suggest otherwise. We deal with people on a daily basis who ridicule us, ignore us, threaten us, and sometimes go so far as to try and mess with the people in our private lives. You can only take that so long before you get up and fight back.

That being said, theres a difference between blowing a gasket every once in awhile and going full bore Alex Jones on people. AJ likes to yell ALL the time. It scares people off and it kind of makes him look like a demented mad scientist. I think its important for people in the “Freedom movement” to blow off steam when it builds up as long as its in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. I know from many years of experience that holding things in usually doesn’t end well. For me my usual route of blowing off steam is writing. I am able to say with my pen what I am unable to say with my mouth and that is a big help. For other people, its art, or music. Regardless of what your method is don’t ever feel like you have to stifle it. Some of the greatest inspirations have come out of moments of productive anger. That right there is the key. Use your anger in a productive manner. Use it to inspire instead of inflame. Anger is just another tool that when used right, can inspire others. So go forth my friends and let the productive anger flow.



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