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Give Me Liberty or…Meh Fuck It

February 11, 2013

Well the sun has risen on another wonderful day here in the U.S of Eh. Two things came to my attention as soon as I opened my weary eyes this morning. 1. The Pope is resigning. Good. Of all the things I care about on a daily basis, the status of the Pope ranks right around finding a global cure for syphilis. The second thing was that the almighty FEMA Camp bill was going to be introduced back into Congress again. Right, because nothing says freedom like a concentration camp. Oh, but its for your safety of course. That’s right Bubba, that’s how we do Liberty in the colonies these days. The government keeps you safe from yourself because you don’t have the brains to look out for your own well being. As with all things our loving tyrants force on us, it will be disguised under the mantle of freedom. Freedom from terrorists, freedom from free will, freedom from danger. It seems wildly perverse to me that this country still throws around the words freedom and liberty given all the rights that have been stripped away here. Then again, we are talking about a country filled with people who would rather be taken care of and coddled instead of doing things themselves. I’m pretty sure the day will come when a bill is introduced that will change Patrick Henry’s words from “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!” To “Give me Liberty or..meh fuck it.” It would certainly be more representative of the mindset in this country.

Lets face it, the people here are easy to hoodwink. Take this case out in L.A. a rogue cop snaps and starts picking off cops and their families. Fast forward five days, and you have two government agencies as well as three different police departments that cant find this guy. This guy is playing Hide and Go Fuck Yourself with what I think might be the largest manhunt task force in modern history. In addition to that, they have decided that they are going to start using drones to try to find this guy. Not just any drones, but armed drones. They say they have no intention of using a drone to assassinate this guy. Right, they also said they wouldn’t be using drones in American airspace. That turned out well eh? I figured that finally the people would get a burr up their ass about having an armed drone flying above their heads spying on everything in order to catch one guy. INSTEAD, they have opened their arms and embraced it because it makes them feel safer. Uh huh, cause we all know the Governments main concern is YOUR safety. If you believe that I have a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you.

The sad part is that people think because this is ‘Merica that tyranny cant gain ground here. People seem to forget that the ONLY reason Hitlers little concentration camps were shut down is because the little psychopath started a full scale World War. Up until the day the Russians and Americans rolled in on those camps they had remained hidden from the outside world. Shit, for that matter, here in America we had concentration camps for Japanese Americans. I didn’t see anybody working to shut those down. Nobody in the outside world gave two fucks about those. So the idea that this same kind of thing cant happen now is absurd. Power corrupts, it always has. Read a history book, if you can tear yourself away from Honey Boo Boo long enough to do so, and you will see that history is FULL of governments oppressing people. Don’t forget, the German people voted for Hitler. If the American people don’t start paying attention, they will end up doing the exact same thing.



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